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Darksteel Magic The Gathering Cards

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Darksteel is an expansion set for the game Magic: The Gathering, the second in the Mirrodin block of sets that also features Mirrodin and Fifth Dawn. It was released in February 2004, containing 165 cards. Darksteel continued the themes established in Mirrodin: Artifact cards, equipment and the mechanics that debuted. The expansion symbol for the set is the miniature version of the stylized Shield of Kaldra.

Darksteel featured the powerful single card drawing engine masked as the infamous equipment Skullclamp. When it was eventually banned during block constructed a few months after Darksteel's release, Skullclamp was the first to have been banned in block constructed since Mercadian Masques' Rishadan Port.

Darksteel was the first "small" expansion to have 165 cards, where as previous small expansions had 143, (with the exception of Legions which had 145 as a balance among the five colors.)

The following mechanics first appeared in Darksteel:

  • Indestructible - Mechanic that made permanents indestructible. These permanents can't be destroyed by "destroy effects" or lethal damage. This mechanic, like double strike, was introduced in a small set but has become a common mechanic used in later sets as well; generally, small mechanics are used for a single set and then not used again. In the Darksteel card set, all indestructible cards are artifacts. In the story world, most of the indestructible artifacts are constructed of darksteel, a fictional material. This material appears in the cards' artwork as a dark gray metal with yellow motes of energy swirling around it. Indestructible cards in later sets do not conform to this pattern.
  • Modular - A keyworded ability of artifact creatures, these creatures would come into play with a set number of counters and, upon the destruction of that creature, could transfer them to another artifact creature.% 26nbsp;
  • Charge counters - One of the themes of the block, several artifacts in Darksteel functioned by accumulating these counters, which players could then spend for various effects. Most notable among these was Darksteel Reactor, which can win the game entirely by itself if left alone.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAEther Snap
Magic Card ImageAEther Vial
Magic Card ImageAgeless Entity
Magic Card ImageAngel's Feather
Magic Card ImageArcane Spyglass
Magic Card ImageArcane Spyglass - Foil
Magic Card ImageArcbound Bruiser
Magic Card ImageArcbound Bruiser - Foil
Magic Card ImageArcbound Crusher
Magic Card ImageArcbound Fiend
Magic Card ImageArcbound Hybrid
Magic Card ImageArcbound Lancer
Magic Card ImageArcbound Overseer
Magic Card ImageArcbound Ravager
Magic Card ImageArcbound Reclaimer
Magic Card ImageArcbound Slith
Magic Card ImageArcbound Slith - Foil
Magic Card ImageArcbound Stinger
Magic Card ImageArcbound Worker
Magic Card ImageAuriok Glaivemaster
Magic Card ImageAuriok Siege Sled
Magic Card ImageAuriok Siege Sled - Foil
Magic Card ImageBarbed Lightning
Magic Card ImageBarbed Lightning - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlinkmoth Nexus
Magic Card ImageBurden of Greed
Magic Card ImageBurden of Greed - Foil
Magic Card ImageCarry Away
Magic Card ImageCarry Away - Foil
Magic Card ImageChimeric Egg
Magic Card ImageChittering Rats
Magic Card ImageChromescale Drake
Magic Card ImageCoretapper
Magic Card ImageCrazed Goblin
Magic Card ImageCrazed Goblin - Foil
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Brute
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Brute - Foil
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Citadel
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Colossus
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Forge
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Gargoyle
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Gargoyle - Foil
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Ingot
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Pendant
Magic Card ImageDarksteel Reactor
Magic Card ImageDeath Cloud
Magic Card ImageDeath-Mask Duplicant
Magic Card ImageDemon's Horn
Magic Card ImageDemon's Horn - Foil
Magic Card ImageDismantle
Magic Card ImageDragon's Claw
Magic Card ImageDrill-Skimmer
Magic Card ImageDrill-Skimmer - Foil
Magic Card ImageDrooling Ogre
Magic Card ImageDrooling Ogre - Foil
Magic Card ImageDross Golem
Magic Card ImageDross Golem - Foil
Magic Card ImageEater of Days
Magic Card ImageEchoing Calm
Magic Card ImageEchoing Calm - Foil
Magic Card ImageEchoing Courage
Magic Card ImageEchoing Decay
Magic Card ImageEchoing Ruin
Magic Card ImageEchoing Truth
Magic Card ImageEmissary of Despair
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