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Unhinged Magic The Gathering Cards

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Unhinged is the name of one of the few English-only expansions to the game Magic: The Gathering. It is a humorous parody set, and is far less serious than traditional Magic expansions. Mark Rosewater, lead designer for Magic: The Gathering, has written in several articles that due to the nature of humor and many plays-on-words used in both Unhinged and Unglued, sets such as these will always be English language only. The only other English language only sets were released before Magic gained enough popularity to support foreign markets.

On 7 August 1998, a humorous expansion known as Unglued was released. Unlike other expansion sets, Unglued was purposely comical and poked fun at the game itself and the players. Many cards featured unique mechanics, deemed too strange or impractical for a "serious" card expansion.

While players enjoyed the set, the fact that the cards had silver borders (and thus were not tournament-legal) caused many serious players to avoid buying large amounts of the cards. The exception to this was Unglued basic land cards, which were tournament-legal and are still highly prized for their unusual layout, which allowed most of the card to be filled with artwork.

Because of the moderate success of the set, designers began work on an Unglued sequel, named Unglued 2: The Obligatory Sequel. However, Wizards of the Coast felt that releasing another funny set, along with the standard 'serious' sets, would go beyond market saturation. Unglued 2 was scrapped.

Since then, many players asked for a sequel to Unglued. However, they were always told that it would not be happening any time soon. On 1 April 2004, Magic designer Mark Rosewater posted an article, announcing the sequel to Unglued, Unhinged.

Reaction was mixed. A sequel to Unglued seemed too good to be true; combined with the date on which the announcement was posted, the circumstances led many to believe it was merely an April Fool's Day joke.

The next day, Rosewater posted again, making a poll asking if they believed an Unglued sequel was actually in the works, and if they would enjoy such a sequel. Three days later, Rosewater confirmed that, indeed, Unhinged was a reality.

Defining aspects of the set

  • "Donkey" creatures are featured on a number of cards, similar to the way chickens were featured in Unglued. This allows humorous puns of phrases containing the word "Ass." ("Bad Ass", "Cheap Ass", and so on).
  • Fractions can be used where only natural numbers could be used before: casting costs, damage, life totals, mana, power, and toughness can all be affected.% 26nbsp;
  • Gotcha - Cards which can be returned from graveyard to hand, if your opponent laughs, says a specific word, etc.% 26nbsp;
  • Cards that only have a specific effect if you win a short subgame, such as a staring contest, arm wrestling, rock/paper/scissors, or even another magic game within the original game.% 26nbsp;
  • Several cards have effects that can apply only to cards with a specific artist, name, or collector's number.% 26nbsp;
  • Several creatures have effects that forces the controller to sacrifice them if they do something specific, such as speak or not have a finger on that creature.% 26nbsp;
  • This set includes premium (foil) cards that have hidden pictures or words in it.% 26nbsp;
  • This is the only set to include premium (foil) cards that are not black-bordered.% 26nbsp;
  • "Avatar of Me" and "Water Gun Balloon Game" have added the colors Pink, Hazel, and Brown to the original five colors of mana when playing with Silver-Bordered cards.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card Image"Ach! Hans, Run!"
Magic Card ImageAesthetic Consultation
Magic Card ImageAmbiguity
Magic Card ImageArtful Looter
Magic Card ImageArtful Looter - Foil
Magic Card ImageAss Whuppin'
Magic Card ImageAssquatch
Magic Card ImageAtinlay Igpay
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Me
Magic Card ImageAWOL
Magic Card ImageB-I-N-G-O
Magic Card ImageBad Ass
Magic Card ImageBlast from the Past
Magic Card ImageBloodletter
Magic Card ImageBooster Tutor
Magic Card ImageBosom Buddy
Magic Card ImageBrushstroke Paintermage
Magic Card ImageBursting Beebles
Magic Card ImageCardpecker
Magic Card ImageCarnivorous Death-Parrot
Magic Card ImageCheap Ass
Magic Card ImageCheatyface
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Art
Magic Card ImageCity of Ass
Magic Card ImageCollector Protector
Magic Card ImageCreature Guy
Magic Card ImageCurse of the Fire Penguin
Magic Card ImageDeal Damage
Magic Card ImageDeal Damage - Foil
Magic Card ImageDouble Header
Magic Card ImageDrawn Together
Magic Card ImageDuh
Magic Card ImageDumb Ass
Magic Card ImageElvish House Party
Magic Card ImageEmcee
Magic Card ImageEnter the Dungeon
Magic Card ImageErase (Not the Urza's Legacy One)
Magic Card ImageEye to Eye
Magic Card ImageFace to Face
Magic Card ImageFarewell to Arms
Magic Card ImageFarewell to Arms - Foil
Magic Card ImageFascist Art Director
Magic Card ImageFat Ass
Magic Card ImageFirst Come, First Served
Magic Card ImageFlaccify
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageForm of the Squirrel
Magic Card ImageFraction Jackson
Magic Card ImageFramed!
Magic Card ImageFrankie Peanuts
Magic Card ImageFrazzled Editor
Magic Card ImageGleemax
Magic Card ImageGluetius Maximus
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