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Portal Second Age Magic The Gathering Cards

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Portal Second Age is the name of the second Magic: The Gathering starter level set which came out on June 24, 1998[citation needed]. The set contains 165 cards in all languages except Portuguese, which contained 49 cards.

Portal was WotC's first major attempt at a set that new players could come into the game and understand. Back before the major rules changes brought forth by 6th Edition, Magic was a very complicated game. The easiest way to describe the difficulty was that in the game, timing rules themselves took dozens of pages of rules to describe; today, they are covered using a simple structure: the stack, which operates as LIFO..

Portal Second Age was the second attempt. This set continued with the similar concepts of Portal, but reduced the set size and set the cards up in a simpler, more straightforward style.

As of October 20, 2005, all cards in Portal Second Age are legal in Vintage and Legacy tournaments.

No new mechanics were introduced with Portal Second Age. There were several "simplifications" made to the game through things left out of the set.

  • Instants -- Instants did not exist within the set. Instead, every "one-shot" spell was a sorcery; however, some sorceries could be played at particular times uncommon to sorceries but normal for instants. Most of these cards have since received errata making them Instants. For example, the card Deep Wood has the following text: Play Deep Wood only when you're attacked, before you declare blockers.
  • Rules Text -- All rules text was in boldface. All flavor text and reminder (italicized) text was not boldface. To separate rules text and flavor text, the cards utilized a line with a slight bulge on both top and bottom; this makes the line look like a very elongated diamond.
Also, Portal Second Age had two changes from Portal, in an effort to smooth the transition to more advanced sets:
  • Creature Types -- Portal Second Age cards had creature types, and were the first to word them as "Creature -- type" that was adopted with 6th Edition.
  • Wording Changes -- In Second Age, "block" remained as it was, replacing "intercept" from Portal. Similarly, "graveyard" re-replaced "discard pile", and "library" re-replaced "deck".

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Nightstalker
Magic Card ImageAir Elemental
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Cavalier
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Grenadier
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Musketeer
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Trooper
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Veteran
Magic Card ImageAlaborn Zealot
Magic Card ImageAlluring Scent
Magic Card ImageAncient Craving
Magic Card ImageAngel of Fury
Magic Card ImageAngel of Mercy
Magic Card ImageAngelic Blessing
Magic Card ImageAngelic Wall
Magic Card ImageApprentice Sorcerer
Magic Card ImageArchangel
Magic Card ImageArmageddon
Magic Card ImageArmored Galleon
Magic Card ImageArmored Griffin
Magic Card ImageBarbtooth Wurm
Magic Card ImageBargain
Magic Card ImageBear Cub
Magic Card ImageBee Sting
Magic Card ImageBlaze
Magic Card ImageBloodcurdling Scream
Magic Card ImageBreath of Life
Magic Card ImageBrimstone Dragon
Magic Card ImageBrutal Nightstalker
Magic Card ImageChorus of Woe
Magic Card ImageCoastal Wizard
Magic Card ImageCoercion
Magic Card ImageCruel Edict
Magic Card ImageCunning Giant
Magic Card ImageDakmor Bat
Magic Card ImageDakmor Plague
Magic Card ImageDakmor Scorpion
Magic Card ImageDakmor Sorceress
Magic Card ImageDark Offering
Magic Card ImageDeathcoil Wurm
Magic Card ImageDeep Wood
Magic Card ImageDeja Vu
Magic Card ImageDenizen of the Deep
Magic Card ImageEarthquake
Magic Card ImageExhaustion
Magic Card ImageExtinguish
Magic Card ImageEye Spy
Magic Card ImageFalse Summoning
Magic Card ImageFestival of Trokin
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageFoul Spirit
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