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Decks Containing Yavimaya-Wurm

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Attack Of The Wurms
80 Cards
Value: $48.40
get all these hefty guys out fast with the rampant growth and sprouting vines add any other cards that get u mana fast for cards that cost alot and u will kick butt
The Ultimate Wurm Deck !
75 Cards
Value: $69.24
this deck is realy strong because almost all the wurms have trample,the one who does'nt have it,just do overrun and they got problems whit flyng ?spidersilk armor will boost your toughness and will make you able to block flyng.problem whit winnies?the dd is there for the way it's an expensive deck.good for casual play but to slow for tournaments(75 cards)
58 Cards
Value: $32.26
The cards in \"sideboard\" are actually in my deck, trying to figure out a way to get my deck down closer to 60, i believe it\'s at about 68 right now
50 Cards
Value: $51.64
The Elves Have Always Helped The Wurms
60 Cards
Value: $29.57
this deck is royal...oh yeah
Wurm Army
59 Cards
Value: $38.52
49 Cards
Value: $44.80
it's just simply a reanimation deck!!!
Wurm-ful Wonder
61 Cards
Value: $734.60
i hope you people like my wurm-o-licicous deck! it's not as fast as it could be, 'cause i don't have any moxes.
Squees Deck Will Beat N E Other Deck On Here
60 Cards
Value: $40.53
all you dumb newbies are good for anyways is me ripping you off in trades and giving u wall of opposition for urza's rages and such, so please do us a favor and dont post your decks
Bombs Over Bin Laden
64 Cards
Value: $30.82
a way to kill you enemy like its bin laden and his gay brother bin over
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