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The cards in \"sideboard\" are actually in my deck, trying to figure out a way to get my deck down closer to 60, i believe it\'s at about 68 right now

The Deck

The Sideboard

Submitted By: ctrensey02
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageBaloth Woodcrasher
Magic Card ImageBellowing Tanglewurm
Magic Card ImageBlunt the Assault
Magic Card ImageBountiful Harvest
Magic Card ImageBrindle Boar
Magic Card ImageCudgel Troll
Magic Card ImageCultivate
Magic Card ImageEdge of Autumn
Magic Card ImageEngulfing Slagwurm
Magic Card ImageExplore
Magic Card ImageFog
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageGarruk's Companion
Magic Card ImageGiant Growth
Magic Card ImageLeatherback Baloth
Magic Card ImageLlanowar Elves
Magic Card ImageLoxodon Warhammer
Magic Card ImageLure
Magic Card ImageNaturalize
Magic Card ImageOvergrown Battlement
Magic Card ImageOverrun
Magic Card ImagePelakka Wurm
Magic Card ImageRampant Growth
Magic Card ImageReclaim
Magic Card ImageSelesnya Sanctuary
Magic Card ImageSpidersilk Armor
Magic Card ImageSylvan Ranger
Magic Card ImageTitanic Growth
Magic Card ImageViridian Emissary
Magic Card ImageYavimaya Wurm
Magic Card ImageYavimaya Wurm - Foil


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