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Decks Containing Unsummon

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Bounce And Counter
60 Cards
Value: $19.79
this deck uses many counterspells to stop things from coming into play. if a creature actually comes into play bounce it with a seal of removal, unsummon, or a waterfront bouncer. it also utilizes unblockable and flying creatures to devestate the opponent. peek provides top espionage and gives you a good draw. in all this deck kicks and can take on any deck.
Lockdown (No Customs)
64 Cards
Value: $24.20
A rough draft, will probably update it as I go along. NO CUSTOMS, PURELY MAGIC 2011!
Annoying Death To All
56 Cards
Value: $15.68
Blue Devastation
66 Cards
Value: $19.56
This deck requires strategy. It is good with team battles.
Death From Above
84 Cards
Value: $38.84
watch your opponent's jaw drop when you whoop him with an almost all common deck (theres about 6 uncommons, no rares) you really have the element of surprise, most people stereotype blue as the "countermagic" deck. this one goes right for the noggin...flying style
Blue Beginning
40 Cards
Value: $16.48
So I was organizing my cards one day, when I noticed I have a bit of blue cards. I use to play with blue and white, but then I stopped for some reason, and I also have gotten some blue cards through booster packs. So, I just threw together this blue deck.
You Have 1 Turn To Beat Me
56 Cards
Value: $54.86
pingers like prodigal sorcerer will do all the job if it is enchanted by curiosity and apathy... if you have successfully cast all the 3 cards, your opponent would likely to have "a" turn to beat you
Illisions Of Bouncing
84 Cards
Value: $142.54
bounce stuff back to activate the black vise and if that doesn't kill'm donating the illusions will!
Rareless Type 2 Psychatog
62 Cards
Value: $24.38
counter kill everything untill you can play a 'tog and have mana untap to counter there attemps to kill him then discard hand and remove graveyard
Deck Destroy!!
61 Cards
Value: $31.28
Basically, you just make Raven Guild Master unblockable with Crafty Pathmage and keep the opponents field clear of anything annoying, then deck them out, or get rid of their good cards with Guild Master and Supreme Inquisitor
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