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bounce and counter

this deck uses many counterspells to stop things from coming into play. if a creature actually comes into play bounce it with a seal of removal, unsummon, or a waterfront bouncer. it also utilizes unblockable and flying creatures to devestate the opponent. peek provides top espionage and gives you a good draw. in all this deck kicks and can take on any deck.

Submitted By master of blue

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAir Elemental
Magic Card ImageConfiscate
Magic Card ImageConfound
Magic Card ImageConfound - Foil
Magic Card ImageCounterspell
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageMan-o'-War
Magic Card ImagePeek
Magic Card ImagePhantom Warrior
Magic Card ImageRemove Soul
Magic Card ImageSeal of Removal
Magic Card ImageSibilant Spirit
Magic Card ImageSvyelunite Temple
Magic Card ImageThalakos Mistfolk
Magic Card ImageUnsummon
Magic Card ImageWash Out
Magic Card ImageWater Elemental
Magic Card ImageWaterfront Bouncer
Magic Card ImageWormfang Crab


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