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Decks Containing Soul-Barrier

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Counter Deck
60 Cards
Value: $32.49
use this deck for countering. the combo is: memory lapse + booby trap. memory lapse a card and put out booby trap. name the card you memory lapsed. it will do 10 damage to them.
The Empire 2
54 Cards
Value: $44.33
can u match up against the empire?!
Ixador's Spellbook
60 Cards
Value: $31.58
Extremely Sadist
60 Cards
Value: $17.79
67 Cards
Value: $74.32
very fast and vicous deck. expect turn 4-6 wins and wins with 2 lands. lots of cheap burn. some defensive cards.
Dissection (please Comment)
78 Cards
Value: $31.34
Yes, I know that this deck is not legal but I don't play in sanctioned tournaments. This deck's purpose is to prevent the opponent from getting key cards, ever. It's only damage dealing card is Death Watch. If you have any ideas, post them, please.
55 Cards
Value: $15.59
If you try to use this deck, make sure your lands get in there when you shuffle. This deck can stop your opponents creatures my countering them, or just beating them to a pulp. BUT, this deck is very touchy. If you take the cards out of the deck and seperate them, then put them back, youll get a completly different theme. Lets say you had lots of counters. Well,if you took apart the deck and put it back together, you would get something completly different. Like Huge creatures too early in the game. This deck took me a very long to get any good and if you want to build it, good.
Nonstopable Anti-creature
64 Cards
Value: $105.19
cannot be stopped. Very frustrating to play against. Stops any chance of damage. Counterspells are a good adition.
Annoyance Incarnate
60 Cards
Value: $19.94
This deck is ment to be very annoying with the Specters making apponents discard cards. I like to cast Anti-Magic Aura on one specter to avoid Burns and such. Most of my side board cards can be thrown in agianst certian color decks or the Wind Drakes agianst decks with lots of creatures. Breeding Pit/ Lord of the Pit combo of course. Also remember
Pure Annoyance
59 Cards
Value: $39.59
you will not win with this deck but you will have a great time pissing your opponent off like it does to everyone. though if you winn you have to find better opponents
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