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Decks Containing Noble-Hierarch

60 Cards
Value: $568.04
I'm interested in getting input on the deck and what to use for a sideboard
Bant My Life.
64 Cards
Value: $790.93
This deck plays very well, I've played with it at Friday Night Magic and won a few times. I welcome any comments on how I might improve it in any way. All my friends say they hate my "bant" because I am often gaining much more life than they can dish out, and I kill them faster than they can react. This is my first time posting a deck, so I do not know If I should add anything else.
Blessed Exalted!!
40 Cards
Value: $608.65
the fastest meanest bant deck
64 Cards
Value: $174.18
Los Exaltados: Protect The Champion, Burn The Foes
62 Cards
Value: $3064.66
You might change lands to any other duals lands that gives you the same availability of mana. You might change the Avenger to other kind of rare creature; I decided to introduced it in order to make the enemy from attacking. The key to the game are the Soltari soldier and the Aven squire, or you might use any other creature that may be unlikely to be blocked.
Exalteds Collide
65 Cards
Value: $181.99
Hi Everyone This Deck Is More based On Exalteds If Theres Any More Good Exalteds I Havn't Got Here Let me know Please
Praise Exhalted!
64 Cards
Value: $448.51
This is probably the fastest Bant Exhalted deck that I have seen out there. The majority of the cards can drop in the first couple of turns, and after that you are just swinging away. Make your one hero unblockable, and double up on the lifegain with Rhox Charger, and Battlegrace Angel. And if you are still getting your butt whooped somehow, bust out the Elspeth and give your opponent a heart attack!

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