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Exalteds Collide

Hi Everyone This Deck Is More based On Exalteds If Theres Any More Good Exalteds I Havn't Got Here Let me know Please

The Deck

Submitted By: stotim_51
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkrasan Squire
Magic Card ImageAngelic Benediction
Magic Card ImageAsha's Favor
Magic Card ImageAven Squire
Magic Card ImageClarion Ultimatum
Magic Card ImageCourier's Capsule
Magic Card ImageCourt Archers
Magic Card ImageDawnray Archer
Magic Card ImageDruid of the Anima
Magic Card ImageDruid of the Anima - Foil
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageFrontline Sage
Magic Card ImageGiltspire Avenger
Magic Card ImageGleam of Resistance
Magic Card ImageHindering Light
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageJhessian Balmgiver
Magic Card ImageJhessian Balmgiver - Foil
Magic Card ImageKnight of the Reliquary
Magic Card ImageKnight of the Skyward Eye
Magic Card ImageLush Growth
Magic Card ImageNaya Charm
Magic Card ImageNaya Charm - Foil
Magic Card ImageNoble Hierarch
Magic Card ImageObelisk of Bant
Magic Card ImagePath to Exile
Magic Card ImagePath to Exile - Foil
Magic Card ImagePlains
Magic Card ImageQasali Pridemage
Magic Card ImageRafiq of the Many
Magic Card ImageRafiq of the Many - Foil
Magic Card ImageRhox Charger
Magic Card ImageRhox Charger - Foil
Magic Card ImageRupture Spire
Magic Card ImageSeaside Citadel
Magic Card ImageSighted-Caste Sorcerer
Magic Card ImageSigil of the Nayan Gods
Magic Card ImageSigiled Behemoth
Magic Card ImageSigiled Paladin
Magic Card ImageSoul's Grace
Magic Card ImageSoul's Might
Magic Card ImageSteward of Valeron
Magic Card ImageStream of Unconsciousness
Magic Card ImageStream of Unconsciousness - Foil
Magic Card ImageUnsummon
Magic Card ImageValiant Guard
Magic Card ImageValiant Guard - Foil



  • Sighted - Caste Sorcerer, frontline sage, sigiled behemoth and Dawnray archer are too expensive. Take out knight of the skyward eye. You need more noble hierarchs, rhox chargers, quasali pridemages, path to exile, oblivion rings and pacifisms. Also, put in seaside citadel. Also thank about battle mastery -

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