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Decks Containing Endless-Scream

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Snow Control
63 Cards
Value: $53.50
Use my Rimebounds to tap and return cards to my opponent's hand. Use my Cryomancers to halt any activated abilities that can pose any threats. If my opponent somehow does get more creatures than I can tap, I just destroy them with my multitude of creature removal. Clones either clone my own Rimebound cards, or my opposing creatures. And Rimefeather Owl just gets massive by end game.
Black God Deck
71 Cards
Value: $20.37
this deck is a black deck that is all about destruction. i have avatar of woe i can get it out so easily.i have won all of the battles i used this deck in. in this deck it is also about poison counters,if a player has 10 or more he or she loses the game.i have stuff that destroys creatures,land,and anything else
Drudge Of The Deathless
60 Cards
Value: $1482.21
Use Nevinyrral\'s Disk and regenerate your creatures and final push while keeping yourself alive with creature destroys, simulacrum and undergrowth.
The Empire 2
54 Cards
Value: $42.03
can u match up against the empire?!
Zombies And How They Punish
54 Cards
Value: $79.05
Black Hand Destruction
58 Cards
Value: $217.56
My fun deck to play.
Swampwalk/Islandwalk Fun
60 Cards
Value: $13.62
Designed to hit fast and hard with a bunch of unblockable creatures. Not to mention if your opponent does not have blue or black in their deck, you are changing their lands to islands and swamps so therefore they are inhibited until they get enough lands out that you can't change them all. Not a flawless deck but still fun to play against an unprepared opponent.
Armageddon Correction
78 Cards
Value: $41.87
you just get lots of mana and burn them in beginng kill with colossus greven il vec
68 Cards
Value: $39.51
you are supposed to damgage them directly and then blow them up with bloodfire colossus.
Atog Terror
65 Cards
Value: $45.17
use endless scream and howl from beyond to power up your atogs and then sacrafice them and give atogatog +x/+x were x was the sacraficed atogs power.atatch an armadillo cloack to atogatog and in no time you will have a 15/15 atogatog with trample, and you then can kill the oponent in 2 turns!!!!
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