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Snow Control

Use my Rimebounds to tap and return cards to my opponent's hand. Use my Cryomancers to halt any activated abilities that can pose any threats. If my opponent somehow does get more creatures than I can tap, I just destroy them with my multitude of creature removal. Clones either clone my own Rimebound cards, or my opposing creatures. And Rimefeather Owl just gets massive by end game.

The Deck

Submitted By: NickTheMajin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAnnihilate
Magic Card ImageBlizzard Specter
Magic Card ImageChilling Shade
Magic Card ImageClone
Magic Card ImageColdsteel Heart
Magic Card ImageDark Ritual
Magic Card ImageDrift of the Dead
Magic Card ImageEndless Scream
Magic Card ImageFreed from the Real
Magic Card ImageFreed from the Real - Foil
Magic Card ImageFrost Raptor
Magic Card ImageHeidar, Rimewind Master
Magic Card ImageHex
Magic Card ImageIceberg
Magic Card ImageLast Gasp
Magic Card ImageLeonin Bola
Magic Card ImageLeonin Bola - Foil
Magic Card ImageNinja of the Deep Hours
Magic Card ImageNo Mercy
Magic Card ImageRend Flesh
Magic Card ImageRimebound Dead
Magic Card ImageRimebound Dead - Foil
Magic Card ImageRimefeather Owl
Magic Card ImageRimewind Cryomancer
Magic Card ImageRimewind Taskmage
Magic Card ImageSnow-Covered Island
Magic Card ImageSnow-Covered Swamp
Magic Card ImageStorm Elemental
Magic Card ImageTelling Time
Magic Card ImageTerror


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