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Decks Containing Double-Cleave

Strikeforce Modified I
74 Cards
Value: $87.35
Sunforger + Boros Swiftblade + Furnace of Rath Goblin Offensive + Congregate
Red And White Fun
67 Cards
Value: $208.38
It took me and my cousin about 1 hour to assemble this deck and I\'ve been enjoying playing it ever since...
Strikeforce Mod I
61 Cards
Value: $80.22
Slimmer Strikeforce Mod I
60 Cards
Value: $54.35

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Archangel of Thune

Make Your Own Card

A very cool new magic the gathering related website that allows it's visitors to quickly create their own magic the gathering cards. Check out the one that the Moxdiamond Staff created!make your own magic cards