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Decks Containing Corrupt

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Death's Revenge
53 Cards
Value: $26.71
In this deck dont be afraid to sacifrice the plaguelord or the defiler to use their powers. The fear cards are great if your opponent has no black creatures in his deck.
T2 Black Smack Down
63 Cards
Value: $122.84
sweet deck, fun 2 play with, it iz t2 cause most of it iz from 7th and torment,it keeps ur oppenets a bay because u constantly making them discard cards, and getting ride of creatures. ensaring bridge also stops them from attack until u can get 2 ur corrupts, or laq champs or shades. if u got any question or comment i.m. at without me 789
Black Redemption
61 Cards
Value: $135.06
it is a fun deck to play. i like it because there is multiple strategys that can be played using this deck. i also like having complete control of my oppenet. also with only 65 cards and mayn of the same card there is a good chance that you will draw what you want. ( also the deck that looks just like this one just not as complete was an accident :)
60 Cards
Value: $111.00
have fun!
59 Cards
Value: $19.39
all spells are based on death and the creatures are there to bring back to life and destroy what little bit of life left you have
58 Cards
Value: $192.83
this is a good deck
The Black And White Deck
58 Cards
Value: $15.29
this deck is a killer of men and beasts alike use it and feel its power
Safa's Special Dauthi
60 Cards
Value: $17.76
use cutthroat and trapper to destroy any creature, and if you have ghoul out, it will get +1/+1, use dark rits to quickly play a creature, then pump it with strengths. deck works very fast damage-wise, and is good in 1 on 1
B&b Punisher
63 Cards
Value: $14.71
i have had 2 versions of this deck. the first was beat 1 time by another blue&black deck, and the second was beat twice by a blue&black creature/counterspell deck.
60 Cards
Value: $104.00
the sorceress queen's go well with the negator's being they become 0/2 so you don't sacrifice anything. the tutor help to compliment anything you need ( edict's, rituals,scuta's). a couple of fatties to beatdown, then some direct damage with the corrupts.
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