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Black Discard Death
60 Cards
Value: $80.02
Haunting Nightmares
60 Cards
Value: $260.22
use innocent blood,chainer's edict and mutilate to wipe out early creatures.bury your champions and return them into play to make your opponent lose plenty of life.then use corrupt to end the game!
Corrupting Nightmare
71 Cards
Value: $37.31
bottum less vaults can be replaced by subterranian hangars. needs more flyers
1.5 Mbc
60 Cards
Value: $382.61
control, death, kill
Black Control
60 Cards
Value: $42.08
Just think to your self 'good deck'
58 Cards
Value: $20.19
(the first 4 cards in the sideboard should be included in the deck). this deck makes the other player discard lots of cards, does huge amounts of damage, and curses their creatures so they can't do anything about it. comboes include: lord of the pit + mortuary (infinite sacrifices) dakmor lancer + mortuary (it keeps coming back and destroys a creature each time) evil eye + unholy strength(s) (kill opponents in 4 turns or less) if you need to get rid of lord of the pit you can make him do 7 damage to himself using general's regalia, or just sacrifice it to fallen angel... finish off opponents with corrupt.
Total Destruction
75 Cards
Value: $48.09
total card:75 a nice creatures destruction and direct damage deck
Life Strike
55 Cards
Value: $67.13
This deck is about getting more than thirty health for Rune-tail's effect. If you have any questions about any decks i have made, e-mail me at the adress given in my Saviors have come deck.
Mono Black T1
60 Cards
Value: $213.59
injoy the darkness
Day Of The Dead
53 Cards
Value: $16.80
this deck's power comes, mainly from helldozers ability to destroy lands and shepherd of rot's ability to deal damage to every one. to make sure it always lets me win and not kill me, i first play corrupt to gain health while the other player loses health
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