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Decks Containing City-of-Solitude

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58 Cards
Value: $102.80
put a whole ton of instill energys and natures chosen on rofellos and nantuko mentor to get mana and killer bee's power up to a humungous unstoppable force
Spontaneous Life Drain
60 Cards
Value: $224.47
this deck is about gettin alot sporlig creatures in to play and reprossing your lands,creatures,and artifacts to draw mass amont of card to drain life your oppentent. p.s. it not your normal drain life deck.
My 1st Deck
58 Cards
Value: $85.14
im new to magic and my friend gave me a bunch of cards and this is the first deck i built by myself are there any suggestions on how i can make it better or leave it how it is? let me know at mentaldiscrestion
Book Of Everlasting Life
46 Cards
Value: $7678.44
It seems like I'm the only one here who is using this site for what is for. Ray, Dustin, anyone who gives a shit, we have to reform this place badly.
62 Cards
Value: $108.30
That's right, Ernie's here to take you to school. If you have elves and you armageddon, you have mana and you're opponent doesn't, a serious problem. Who cares if you're opponent's creatures have forestwalk, you don't have any forests. Lastly, rancor Ernie and play winds of rath to clear the board for the finishing blow.
Auratog Nightmare
60 Cards
Value: $111.72
big auratog. rancor rancor rancor. just don't run out of cards. sorry, forgot the crystal chimes.
Prosperous Bloom
60 Cards
Value: $283.71
Yeah it plays really fast.. most of the time once you get a squandered resource and a cadaverous bloom in play you can whip through your deck within a turn and blast for a good 45 point drain life.... it works really well.... if playing against blue make sure you get out your city of solitued it helps.. alot.... and no side board for this one... do your own work damnit
I Don't Know What Kind It Is........
60 Cards
Value: $71.23
kinda slow, but later in the game you should dominate your opponent with your big creatures
I May Be Crazy But Your Dead. (multi-combo Deck)
56 Cards
Value: $1290.56
This is a new type of Casual type of combo deck (Classic Type 1 With modifications). It has multiple combos to choose from. First is Lich/Mirror Universe,(lich dosn't kill you,if mirror uinverse is played right. Humility/Caltrops/Natures Revolt/Necropotance all you do is deck your opponent. Delusions of Mediocrity/Donate/Flicker your gain his or her loss his loss combo. Aluren/Enduri
Green Fun
60 Cards
Value: $120.13
Fast Mana Combined with HUGE creatures, when things go well for it you only have to attack once, with a HUGE lured creature. Just for fun Natural Affinity combined with Lure and a Gang of Elk of a Sylvan Basilisk is good at clearing the oppositions land.
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