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Decks Containing City-of-Solitude

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Fast Pestilence!
51 Cards
Value: $247.95
All the creatures are protection from black so they stay in play for the Pestilence, after you get a creature in play you put out your cop black and the pestilence then fire away. The Lotus Petals and stuff are there to put out the City of Solitude's and the Propaganda, so that way it gives the other player a hard way to go during the game. "The Blanket of Night is kinda a must card in play if you get it in your hand but if you don't you have the tutor's in the deck to find it"
58 Cards
Value: $102.80
put a whole ton of instill energys and natures chosen on rofellos and nantuko mentor to get mana and killer bee's power up to a humungous unstoppable force
Little Shop-'o-horrors
59 Cards
Value: $133.07
a classic prosperous doom deck with lock down for back up. almost every type of lock is in this deck, winter orb, city of solitude, and my favorite mana web. this take lots of damage at first but when you get going every will probably stop dead, this will give you time to prepare for the drain life. this deck is a sadists dream.
Absolutley Annoying Hahaha
63 Cards
Value: $106.13
dawn elemental and pariah hahaha
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