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Decks Containing Armageddon

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Psyco's Lock Deck
60 Cards
Value: $230.81
talk about lock!. well all you got to do is bring out kismet followed by your storm cauldron. to finish the combo bring in ur stasis. just be sure to reserve an island to pay for your stasis but dont worry because your storm cauldron is there to do it for you. after this put in your angel and finish off your defenseless foe. enjoy man!
88 Cards
Value: $234.11
Well what u do is totally dominate the game by destroying everything and dealing damage relnetlasly but u live with tons of life gain it totally kicks ass! It may be big but it gets the job done well!
Creature Land Destruction
62 Cards
Value: $80.78
again it is simple too use get lots of creatures out and turn all lands into creatures then kill em all with mageta on your opponents turn then on yours they all come back and smack em up since you have fires out.
White Destruction Deck
64 Cards
Value: $294.32
muahahaha can you feel the power!? basically i designed this deck to piss people off. play the spiritual asylum b4 any destruction spells, so that all it does is destroy all you opponents stuff. also if you have a glory in the graveyard, just give all of your creatures protection from white (ez). just make sure your glory's dont die or your screwed.
Good Balance
60 Cards
Value: $530.15
throw in a lot of small creatures early in the game. Then use wrath of god, the balance/ greater good combo og magus to send all creature to the graveyard. Then throw in a huge lhurgoyf. feldon's cane and gaea's blessing make sure you never run out of cards
My Dream, Your Reality
60 Cards
Value: $215.82
This deck is really strong in the discard department. With a bit of creature control and a little burn, your opponent really shouldn't have a chance. Oh and did I mention the punishment for simply drawing a card??? lol It's pretty self explanatory how to play the deck. First try and get your Megrim out in order to discard the holy crap out of your opponent. Next you are a bit safe from their creature base due to your Wrath of God, Damnation, Mortify and Pillory of the Sleepless. Damage will be delt in several ways with The Rack, Pillory of the Sleepless, Megrim, Death Grasp, Underworld Dreams, and Nezumi Shortfang. Ultimately, if your opponent manages to stay alive your mana should be well enough to produce a nice Whispersilk Cloak attached to a devestating Guiltfeeder. Please let me know what you think and I will rate any deck you wish for me to take a look at! Thanks!
60 Cards
Value: $90.70
this makes mobilization look good.
Land Control
60 Cards
Value: $787.04
" can fight a battle with limited resources. where is my power scepter?" urza to his messenger
White Winnies
60 Cards
Value: $236.30
i hit fast hard and have no fear to destroy my army because i can rebuild it fast...
Blue-White Rebel
58 Cards
Value: $2056.04
This deck is a good deck that has a couple combos. You can get out the Parallax Wave and wave all your creatures before playing the Wrath of God, or you can play the Parallax Tide and then play the Armageddon and have about five more lands then your opponent. So far this deck is undefeated; however, I have not played it too often.
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