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Well what u do is totally dominate the game by destroying everything and dealing damage relnetlasly but u live with tons of life gain it totally kicks ass! It may be big but it gets the job done well!

Submitted By Mr Death

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Dragon
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Potion
Magic Card ImageApocalypse
Magic Card ImageArmageddon
Magic Card ImageArmageddon Clock
Magic Card ImageBlinking Spirit
Magic Card ImageBooby Trap
Magic Card ImageEnsnaring Bridge
Magic Card ImageForest
Magic Card ImageGrindstone
Magic Card ImageHealing Salve
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageMeekstone
Magic Card ImageMillstone
Magic Card ImageMountain
Magic Card ImageMtenda Herder
Magic Card ImageNevinyrral's Disk
Magic Card ImagePestilence
Magic Card ImagePetra Sphinx
Magic Card ImagePlains
Magic Card ImageRejuvenate
Magic Card ImageStream of Life
Magic Card ImageSwamp
Magic Card ImageTaste of Paradise
Magic Card ImageWrath of God


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