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Decks Containing Apprentice-Wizard

Dark Zone Of The Ocean
61 Cards
Value: $60.86
this deck combines the power of the ocean with some flying defense and turning oppent's lands in to islands to let big creatures attack with some mana production you might have to pay high cost to keep some creatures alive like polarkraken but it's worth it
Lockdown!!! Wizard Style
72 Cards
Value: $41.22
basically you use your stupidarse wizards to tap their permanents, cast mist of stagnation, use things like bamboozle on yourself to pump ur graveyard, then reminisce the opponent, making their graveyard zero, therefore no untappy with mist of stagnation...
Jakobian's Blue Control...
79 Cards
Value: $658.65
palinchron + high tide + 7 or more islands = infinite mana, use the mana for compulsion til u hit capsize then capsize all the opponent's permanents to their hand, compulsion some more until u hit ambassador laquatus, which will "mill" the opponents to death. (comments should be directed towards
Rip Off
60 Cards
Value: $717.80
its actually a pretty good deck you just have to get out one of you Ertai, wizard adept to counter all the creatures they try to play then with all the mana you acumalate to either pump up your anthroplasims or to make them draw every card that they have in their deck. i know its just a rip off of the academy deck that kicked everyones ass in the tournaments but i dont care

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