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dark zone of the ocean

this deck combines the power of the ocean with some flying defense and turning oppent's lands in to islands to let big creatures attack with some mana production you might have to pay high cost to keep some creatures alive like polarkraken but it's worth it

Submitted By Andrew .M

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAir Elemental
Magic Card ImageAmugaba
Magic Card ImageApprentice Wizard
Magic Card ImageBenthic Behemoth
Magic Card ImageBlizzard Elemental
Magic Card ImageDeep Water
Magic Card ImageDream Thrush
Magic Card ImageDream Thrush - Foil
Magic Card ImageGreat Whale
Magic Card ImageHigh Tide
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageIsland Fish Jasconius
Magic Card ImageLeviathan
Magic Card ImageMarjhan
Magic Card ImagePolar Kraken
Magic Card ImageSea Monster
Magic Card ImageSea Serpent
Magic Card ImageSea Snidd
Magic Card ImageSea's Claim
Magic Card ImageSlipstream Eel
Magic Card ImageSunken City
Magic Card ImageVizzerdrix
Magic Card ImageVodalian Serpent


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