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Decks Containing Ancestral-Recall

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Lightning Vein
58 Cards
Value: $1149.32
1 mox ruby and 1 mox sapphire are in the deck but there wasnt room for them. its a type 1 tinker deck. even though there is only one tinker the deck still works fabulous.
Chris's Brutal Time Deck
62 Cards
Value: $2030.56
i suggest using the stroke it is quite entertaining,very cool combo deck i think u should try it
U-w Card Advantage; Is It Fast Enough For Vintage?
50 Cards
Value: $943.75
Type 1 Blue Splashed With White Power
60 Cards
Value: $4407.81
very nice blue counter deck, if you have cash to spend...kill card is morphling...only problem this deck has is with very fast creature decks.
40 Cards
Value: $142.28
A Good Blue Deck
60 Cards
Value: $2064.65
very expensive, but very good. wins most type1 tourneys
Time Vault Unlimited
63 Cards
Value: $1646.88
Play cheap artifacts from your opening hand to get quick turn 1 mana, and use them to card-draw or tutor (1) Time Vault and (2) any card with an untap ability. If you're lucky and draw Black Lotus + Mana Vault + (Voltaic Key / Aphetto Alchemist), you've already won the game. A hand can easily get you 6 mana on turn 1, and the infinite-turn combo can be pulled off with just 4 total mana. This deck can win often on turn 1 and win consistently on turn 2.
Never Been Beaten(revised)
120 Cards
Value: $8330.44
look at "never been beaten" rules
Train Wreck
55 Cards
Value: $4864.12
get out the mind over matter and urza's blue prints and have fun..... main kill combo is bargain, mind over matter, academy, and stroke
Elephant Herd
60 Cards
Value: $1398.13
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