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Decks Containing Ancestral-Recall

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Never Been Beaten
49 Cards
Value: $977.87
step 1: find the cards step 2: build the deck step 3: learn to play with it step 4: find out the combos step 5: go nuts when you get them step 6: don't beat your opponent, just toy with them step 7: when you get board just tap and untap your basalt monotith for the heck of it step 8: when they play something, in response tap and untap the voltaic key step 9: play the ashnod's coupon to make them get you a drink step 10: beat them
Pushing The Envelope
58 Cards
Value: $3147.61
pretty bad deck, post one if u think u can beat it
Empyrial Bread
58 Cards
Value: $638.02
Empyrial Bread
59 Cards
Value: $763.45
Enchanted Island
59 Cards
Value: $1270.47
plays very well, even without the spoilers. some fluff in there for fun.
Ultimate Control
60 Cards
Value: $3408.71
make your opponet take damage whill drawing cards
Blue Locking Deck
41 Cards
Value: $59.18
a possibly legal deck (t1). the idea is simple : keep always seven cards in hand with sorcerors and curiosities. protect them with diplomatic immunity. survive with energy field if the game doesn't start well for you. counter everything with forbid. lock the game with arcane laboratory. weakness of the deck : it's not fast, so antiblue decks can beat it easily (with scragnoth or obliterate for example). a first-hand simulation on my computer shows me that, most of the time, the deck can lock the game in 4-5 turns.
First-second Turn Kill
60 Cards
Value: $277.26
basically 1 or second turn kill. completely type 1 legal.
60 Cards
Value: $633.79
48 Cards
Value: $351.76
could people please start emailing me about what they think the new awesome t2 deck will be? my address is wmtspeedy69
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