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Decks Containing Absolute-Law

Minion's Chorus
60 Cards
Value: $74.84
gain life, counter deny, and stall for time until you are able to get the processor/chorus combo out. the reasoning is simple: pay lotsa life, get lotsa big creatures, and gain lotsa life, repeat!
Update Invincible
65 Cards
Value: $107.17
i've added a few cards to make the deck better and stand up to most decks; hope ya like.
Beat U Down With Slivers
66 Cards
Value: $271.04
pretty simple here. use sliver queen, ashnod's alter and heartstone to bring in infinite slivers, coat of arms to beef em up, soul warden to make sure u gain ur life, then sac em off for sliver abilities like victual sliver n for fallen angel's abilities. absolute law and grace so tha
61 Cards
Value: $158.12
only way you can lose with this deck is play aginst a counter deck and even then you can still pull it off with the feldons canes.
Utopian Paradise
60 Cards
Value: $110.11
utopia tree & b.o.p r the main mana source for the other than green colors, and over all it is an extremely fast deck

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