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beat u down with slivers

pretty simple here. use sliver queen, ashnod's alter and heartstone to bring in infinite slivers, coat of arms to beef em up, soul warden to make sure u gain ur life, then sac em off for sliver abilities like victual sliver n for fallen angel's abilities. absolute law and grace so tha

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbsolute Grace
Magic Card ImageAbsolute Law
Magic Card ImageAshnod's Altar
Magic Card ImageCharcoal Diamond
Magic Card ImageClot Sliver
Magic Card ImageCoalition Victory
Magic Card ImageCoat of Arms
Magic Card ImageFallen Angel
Magic Card ImageFeldon's Cane
Magic Card ImageFire
Magic Card ImageHeart Sliver
Magic Card ImageHeartstone
Magic Card ImageHorned Sliver
Magic Card ImageIsland
Magic Card ImageMarble Diamond
Magic Card ImageMoss Diamond
Magic Card ImageMountain
Magic Card ImagePhyrexian Tower
Magic Card ImagePlains
Magic Card ImageRewind
Magic Card ImageSky Diamond
Magic Card ImageSliver Queen
Magic Card ImageSoul Warden
Magic Card ImageSwamp
Magic Card ImageTalon Sliver
Magic Card ImageTinder Farm
Magic Card ImageVictual Sliver
Magic Card ImageWinged Sliver
Magic Card ImageWorship


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