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Champions of Kamigawa is the name of the Magic: The Gathering expansion set released October 1, 2004. The first set of the Kamigawa block, it set the stage for the block's story, which was inspired by Japanese myths and revolves around the battle between spirits (kami) and living beings.

The set's expansion symbol is a torii, the entrance to the Shinto temple. This is especially important, as Kamigawa's original idea was summed up as "Shinto gone horribly wrong": Kami warring against their human worshippers.

Champions of Kamigawa introduced several new mechanics to the game:

  • Arcane spells - some spells (instants or sorceries) have the Arcane subtype, which represent spells or abilities used by the kami in the War. It does nothing by itself, but other cards may interact with it (see below).
  • Spirits - Due to the nature of Kamigawa, this block contains a large proportion of creatures with the subtype Spirit. These spirits represent the kami themselves, and numerous spells and permanents in the block interact with them in special ways to provide synergy.
  • Bushido, or "way of the warrior", makes the creature tougher when it combats another creature (more specifically, the creature gets % 2BX/% 2BX when it blocks or gets blocked, where "X" is the number of Bushido points the creature has. This is usually compared to flanking, which weakens (-1/-1) the blockers of the creature.)
  • Heroes - A nickname for a series of cards that flip when particular conditions are met (for example, when it deals damage to the opponent), becoming more powerful and legendary.
  • Soulshift keyword appears on Spirit creatures and allows them to return another Spirit creature from the graveyard to its owner's hand when they perish.
  • Splice onto Arcane - the spells having this keyword could be "attached" to another spell having Arcane subtype for additional mana investment. The spell 'spliced' remains in the player's hand able to be reused another time.
  • "Spiritcraft" - Many spirits have abilities which trigger when another Spirit or an Arcane spell is played.
Champions of Kamigawa introduced changes to two common creature types. The Legend creature type was replaced with the Legendary supertype; the Wall creature type was freed from the rules that associated that prevented it from attacking. Each Wall creature was changed to the new Defender keyword which prevents them from attacking, allowing for a simpler use of the "wall" type creature across different creature types. For example, this allowed for the Lorwyn changelings, which have all creature types. Under the old rules, changelings would not be able to attack, through sheer benefit of being walls.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkki Avalanchers
Magic Card ImageAkki Coalflinger
Magic Card ImageAkki Lavarunner
Magic Card ImageAkki Rockspeaker
Magic Card ImageAkki Underminer
Magic Card ImageAshen-Skin Zubera
Magic Card ImageAura of Dominion
Magic Card ImageAzami, Lady of Scrolls
Magic Card ImageAzusa, Lost but Seeking
Magic Card ImageBattle-Mad Ronin
Magic Card ImageBefoul
Magic Card ImageBen-Ben, Akki Hermit
Magic Card ImageBlessed Breath
Magic Card ImageBlind with Anger
Magic Card ImageBlood Rites
Magic Card ImageBlood Speaker
Magic Card ImageBloodthirsty Ogre
Magic Card ImageBoseiju, Who Shelters All
Magic Card ImageBrothers Yamazaki
Magic Card ImageBrutal Deceiver
Magic Card ImageBudoka Gardener
Magic Card ImageBurr Grafter
Magic Card ImageBushi Tenderfoot
Magic Card ImageCage of Hands
Magic Card ImageCall to Glory
Magic Card ImageCallous Deceiver
Magic Card ImageCandles' Glow
Magic Card ImageCleanfall
Magic Card ImageCloudcrest Lake
Magic Card ImageCommune with Nature
Magic Card ImageConsuming Vortex
Magic Card ImageCounsel of the Soratami
Magic Card ImageCranial Extraction
Magic Card ImageCruel Deceiver
Magic Card ImageCrushing Pain
Magic Card ImageCursed Ronin
Magic Card ImageCut the Tethers
Magic Card ImageDampen Thought
Magic Card ImageDance of Shadows
Magic Card ImageDeathcurse Ogre
Magic Card ImageDesperate Ritual
Magic Card ImageDevoted Retainer
Magic Card ImageDevouring Greed
Magic Card ImageDevouring Rage
Magic Card ImageDistress
Magic Card ImageDosan the Falling Leaf
Magic Card ImageDripping-Tongue Zubera
Magic Card ImageEarthshaker
Magic Card ImageEerie Procession
Magic Card ImageEiganjo Castle
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