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Apocalypse Magic The Gathering Cards

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Apocalypse is the name of a Magic: The Gathering expansion set, released in June 2001. It is the third set of the Invasion Block

The Invasion Block prominently featured multicolored cards (cards with more than one of the five colors), which had not been frequent in Magic since Visions. Unlike Invasion and Planeshift, Apocalypse focused on cards with "enemy" color pairings (colors opposite one another on the color wheel) as opposed to "friendly" color pairings (adjacent colors).

Apocalypse reprised many cycles found in Invasion, including enemy-colored "Bears" and "split cards." Apocalypse's single most important cycle of cards were the enemy-colored "painlands," which promoted the set's theme, power level, and popularity.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAEther Mutation
Magic Card ImageAna Disciple
Magic Card ImageAna Sanctuary
Magic Card ImageAnavolver
Magic Card ImageAngelfire Crusader
Magic Card ImageBattlefield Forge
Magic Card ImageBloodfire Colossus
Magic Card ImageBloodfire Dwarf
Magic Card ImageBloodfire Infusion
Magic Card ImageBloodfire Kavu
Magic Card ImageBog Gnarr
Magic Card ImageBrass Herald
Magic Card ImageCaptain's Maneuver
Magic Card ImageCaves of Koilos
Magic Card ImageCeta Disciple
Magic Card ImageCeta Sanctuary
Magic Card ImageCetavolver
Magic Card ImageChaos
Magic Card ImageCoalition Flag
Magic Card ImageCoalition Honor Guard
Magic Card ImageCoastal Drake
Magic Card ImageConsume Strength
Magic Card ImageCromat
Magic Card ImageDead Ringers
Magic Card ImageDeath Grasp
Magic Card ImageDeath Mutation
Magic Card ImageDega Disciple
Magic Card ImageDega Sanctuary
Magic Card ImageDegavolver
Magic Card ImageDesolation Angel
Magic Card ImageDesolation Giant
Magic Card ImageDiversionary Tactics
Magic Card ImageDivine Light
Magic Card ImageDodecapod
Magic Card ImageDragon Arch
Magic Card ImageDwarven Landslide
Magic Card ImageDwarven Patrol
Magic Card ImageEbony Treefolk
Magic Card ImageEmblazoned Golem
Magic Card ImageEnlistment Officer
Magic Card ImageEvasive Action
Magic Card ImageFalse Dawn
Magic Card ImageFervent Charge
Magic Card ImageFire
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Charger
Magic Card ImageFoul Presence
Magic Card ImageFungal Shambler
Magic Card ImageGaea's Balance
Magic Card ImageGaea's Skyfolk
Magic Card ImageGerrard Capashen
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