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Fervent Charge Magic Card
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Fervent Charge Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Enchantment

Card Text: Whenever a creature you control attacks, it gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

Flavor Text: Crovax was nearly buried beneath the weight of his opponents.

Artist(s): Mark Tedin: (Apocalypse)

Rarity: Rare: (Apocalypse)

Fervent Charge Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageFervent Charge (Apocalypse)
Magic Card ImageFervent Charge (Apocalypse) - Foil

Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Fervent Charge

There are currently 8 Fervent Charge combos listed on our site. If you have your own Fervent Charge combo, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Combo to our site.
Magic The Gathering Combo
19/19 lands with trample :)
Magic The Gathering Combo
attack with all creatures, they get +3/+2. untap all attacking creatures, & attack. attacking creatures get +3/+2 again
Magic The Gathering Combo
play trenches and crusade, followed up with a lot of sacrificing. the trenches also work great with fervent charge and/or deadapult and lord of the undead.

Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Fervent Charge

There are currently 4 Fervent Charge decks listed on our site. If you have your own deck that has Fervent Charge in it, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Deck to our site.
Goblins Goblins!!
60 Cards
Value: $102.90
this deck relies on the goblins and their lords. you can replace some things with burns as you please. this is the biggest creature heavy deck you'll see!!!!!
Red Fun
60 Cards
Value: $92.68
this deck is sadistic and wrong it leaves your opponent drawing out and not being able to play lands.
My Creatures Are Too Strong
61 Cards
Value: $48.86
the dragon arch gets creatures to play and the fervant charge and armadillo cloaks makes them strong with low costing mana.

Fervent Charge Set Specific Info

Fervent Charge was originally printed, and so far only exists in the Apocalypse magic the gathering set.

EditionRarityCard #Artist
ApocalypseRare98Mark Tedin

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