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Zirilan of the Claw Magic Card

Zirilan of the Claw Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Legendary Creature - Viashino Shaman

Card Text: , : Search your library for a Dragon permanent card and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library. That Dragon gains haste until end of turn. At end of turn, remove it from the game.

Flavor Text:

Artist(s): Andrew Robinson: (Mirage)

Power/Tough: 3/4

Rarity: Rare: (Mirage)

Zirilan of the Claw Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageZirilan of the Claw (Mirage)

Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Zirilan of the Claw

There are currently 49 Zirilan of the Claw combos listed on our site. If you have your own Zirilan of the Claw combo, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Combo to our site.
Magic The Gathering Combo
Yuo tap 3 mana and the Zirilan to put out your hellkite. It is a 6/6 flying, poking. The hellkite is unaffected by summoning sickness
Magic The Gathering Combo
put zirilan out, search your deck for a dragon (draco) and at next turn use breath of life to bring it back.
Magic The Gathering Combo
Pay 1RR, tap Zirilan ot Claw, search your library for a dragon, and put that dragon into play, .

Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Zirilan of the Claw

There are currently 13 Zirilan of the Claw decks listed on our site. If you have your own deck that has Zirilan of the Claw in it, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Deck to our site.
Dragon Destruction
50 Cards
Value: $27.38
More Cards: 1 Lung 2 Molten Hydra This Deck Is awsome.
The Deck That Nevers Wins When Playing 12 People
59 Cards
Value: $128.95
play dragons as fast as possible...and kick some ass as long as not more than 3 people gang up on you.
The Evilist Dragon Deck On The Face Of The Earth
60 Cards
Value: $328.01
get the sol ring first turn, then second turn a quicksilver amulet with 2 land and sol ring then third turn dragon, use zirilan of the claw for draco, crosis and darigaaz using abilities of course, they are also good for clearing the way for your other dragons and use the fireballs for the extra k.o punch or on bastard weenies. comme

Zirilan of the Claw Set Specific Info

Zirilan of the Claw was originally printed, and so far only exists in the Mirage magic the gathering set.

EditionRarityCard #Artist
MirageRareN/AAndrew Robinson

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