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Mirage Magic The Gathering Cards

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Mirage was the fifteenth Magic: The Gathering set and ninth expert level set, released in October 1996. This expansion began the first official block set with one large expansion being followed by two smaller expansions all tied together through card mechanics and setting. This expansion also introduced 5th Edition rules (5th Edition was released in March 1997). Mirage's expansion symbol is a palm tree.

Like Ice Age, Mirage began as a set of modifications to Alpha by a group of Richard Garfield's playtesters in winter 1992. Bill Rose, Charlie Catino, Joel Mick, Howard Kahlenberg, Don Felice and Elliott Segal created gameplay modifications and new cards that developed into "Menagerie", which developed over the course over three years. In October 1995, Mirage was sent to Wizards of the Coast for development. Rose lead the development team of Mike Elliott, William Jockusch and Mark Rosewater, while Art Director Sue-Ann Harkey provided Mirage's African influenced look.

While its origins in playtesting linked it to earlier sets, Mirage was not designed to stand alone. Mirage was created as an introduction to Jamuraa, with two more planned expansions to create a cohesive set. This model became the standard for Magic: The Gathering expansions and began the concept of "block rotation".

Mirage's public debut was at Pro Tour Atlanta 1996, where professional Magic players had the challenge of playing sealed deck with cards they had never seen before. Mirage was also the first set to have pre-releases at more than one city.

Wizards of the Coast's design and development team considers Mirage to be the first set of the "Silver Age" or "modern" era of Magic. It was the first set to be designed with Limited and Constructed play in mind. Previous designs had been imbalanced for formats like draft and sealed-deck, and cards were designed for casual players rather than with thought of their impact on the tournament scene.

On December 5, 2005, Mirage was released on Magic: The Gathering Online. This was the first time in the three-and-a-half years that the online version of the game had existed that an expansion older than Invasion (2000) became playable on MTG Online.[3] With their introduction on MTG Online, all Mirage cards received updated creature types and wordings to bring them in line with modern Magic cards.

Mirage introduced the first cycle of "charms". A charm is a spell that allow a player to choose among three different effects when the charm is played. Since then, similar cycles of charms have appeared in Visions, Planeshift, Onslaught, Planar Chaos. and Lorwyn

The Nightstalkers were a cycle of three small creatures: Breathstealer, Feral Shadow and Urborg Panther. A player could sacrifice these three creatures from play to summon the legend Spirit of the Night.

The "Insta-enchantments" were a cycle of auras that could be played as an instant. Thus, they could be used as a surprising maneuver, but if you did so they would last only one turn.

This set introduced two new keywords: flanking and phasing.

  • Flanking represents the advantage of fighting on horseback. Any creature without flanking that blocks a creature with flanking gets -1/-1 until the end of the turn. This allows a creature with flanking to destroy creatures larger than itself, and even destroy creatures with a toughness of 1 before damage is assigned.
  • Phasing represents the removal from existence caused by Teferi's experiments. A permanent with phasing enters and leaves play without any involvement by the player. At the beginning of a player's turn, before the untap phase, any permanents with phasing in play "phase out" (are removed from play into a special zone), and any "phased out" permanents return to play. Formerly, phasing triggered "leaves play" events but not "enters play" events. It was this point and many others that caused players confusion over phasing and prompted a similar ability with simpler rules, flickering, to replace phasing in future blocks. As of the rules updates in October 2005, phasing no longer triggered "leave play" events.
For Mirage Wizards signed about 50 artists who had not worked on Magic before, including fan favorites as John Avon and Donato Giancola.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Hunter
Magic Card ImageAcidic Dagger
Magic Card ImageAfiya Grove
Magic Card ImageAfterlife
Magic Card ImageAgility
Magic Card ImageAlarum
Magic Card ImageAleatory
Magic Card ImageAmber Prison
Magic Card ImageAmulet of Unmaking
Magic Card ImageAncestral Memories
Magic Card ImageArmor of Thorns
Magic Card ImageArmorer Guildmage
Magic Card ImageAshen Powder
Magic Card ImageAsmira, Holy Avenger
Magic Card ImageAuspicious Ancestor
Magic Card ImageAzimaet Drake
Magic Card ImageBad River
Magic Card ImageBarbed Foliage
Magic Card ImageBarbed-Back Wurm
Magic Card ImageBarreling Attack
Magic Card ImageBasalt Golem
Magic Card ImageBay Falcon
Magic Card ImageBazaar of Wonders
Magic Card ImageBenevolent Unicorn
Magic Card ImageBenthic Djinn
Magic Card ImageBinding Agony
Magic Card ImageBlighted Shaman
Magic Card ImageBlind Fury
Magic Card ImageBlinding Light
Magic Card ImageBlistering Barrier
Magic Card ImageBone Harvest
Magic Card ImageBone Mask
Magic Card ImageBoomerang
Magic Card ImageBreathstealer
Magic Card ImageBrushwagg
Magic Card ImageBuilder's Bane
Magic Card ImageBurning Palm Efreet
Magic Card ImageBurning Shield Askari
Magic Card ImageCadaverous Bloom
Magic Card ImageCadaverous Knight
Magic Card ImageCanopy Dragon
Magic Card ImageCarrion
Magic Card ImageCatacomb Dragon
Magic Card ImageCelestial Dawn
Magic Card ImageCerulean Wyvern
Magic Card ImageChaos Charm
Magic Card ImageChaosphere
Magic Card ImageCharcoal Diamond
Magic Card ImageChariot of the Sun
Magic Card ImageChoking Sands
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