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Soulless One Magic Card
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Soulless One Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Creature - Zombie Avatar

Card Text: Soulless One's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Zombies in play plus the number of Zombie cards in all graveyards.

Flavor Text: "Surrender your soul to me."

Artist(s): Thomas M. Baxa: (Onslaught, Planechase)

Power/Tough: */*

Rarity: Uncommon: (Onslaught, Planechase)

Soulless One Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageSoulless One (Onslaught)
Magic Card ImageSoulless One (Planechase)

Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Soulless One

There are currently 14 Soulless One combos listed on our site. If you have your own Soulless One combo, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Combo to our site.
Magic The Gathering Combo
The first three are the generals of a zombie deck, adding bonuses and giving boosts. Soulless One is the Commander. ROCK AND ROLL BITCH!!!
Magic The Gathering Combo
play the one. then the infestation. get 6 cards then discard to the infestation to increase the power and toughness by 9!!
Magic The Gathering Combo
easy win.

Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Soulless One

There are currently 47 Soulless One decks listed on our site. If you have your own deck that has Soulless One in it, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider Adding Your Deck to our site.
One Cleric Deck That Tops Them All!
60 Cards
Value: $186.59
I like to think \"opposites attract\" when it comes to this deck. black and white, who'd a thought?? but really, use white clerics for life gain and black clerics to hurt your opponent's life. The Rotlung Reanimator and Call to the Grave combo is killer to their creatures. Also with Soulless One out,you will keep bumping it's power up with all those zombies!
Black God Deck2
70 Cards
Value: $22.50
this deck is currently(march,2nd) 18 wins 3losses.
Dark Arising
65 Cards
Value: $112.89
this is a heavy attack , use the blanket of night and then kill filth, everything you have cannot be blocked so murder fest

Soulless One Set Specific Info

Soulless One has now been printed in a total of 2 magic the gathering sets.

EditionRarityCard #Artist
OnslaughtUncommon171Thomas M. Baxa
PlanechaseUncommon41Thomas M. Baxa

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