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Onslaught Magic The Gathering Cards

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Onslaught is the 27th Magic: The Gathering expert-level expansion set. It was released in October 2002. The set's main theme is creature types (for example, Clerics and Goblins), and much of the game play concerns interactions between these "tribes". The story continues the saga of the Mirari from the previous block of expansion sets. The expansion symbol is an artist's rendition of a "morphed" creature (see Mechanics below).

Onslaught Block marked the end of many traditional elements of Magic: The Gathering. It was the last block to feature the old-style card faces or a storyline set in Dominaria until the release of the Time Spiral block. However, this was not apparent in October 2002 when the set was released. Some players see Onslaught Block as the end of a "Bronze Age" of classic game play, which began in Invasion Block.[citation needed] Onslaught also saw the printing of many aggressively designed Goblins, that reached a critical mass of efficient goblin cards in the game. All of which together made a nearly unstoppable aggro deck in Legacy, and required bannings in non-eternal formats.

Onslaught introduced a number of major mechanics and featured the first return of a keyword from abeyance.

  • Creature types - Many effects in Onslaught (Known as "Tribal" effects) depended on a creature's types, i.e. its species, role, etc. These included type-specific creature removal, power boosts, and abilities which grew stronger based on the number of creatures of a certain type which a player controlled.
  • 'Mistform' Illusions - A race of creatures who could temporarily change their creature types to any type.% 26nbsp;
  • Cycling - A repeat of the same mechanic from the Urza Block. It lets a player pay a mana cost and discard the Cycling card from his or her hand in order to draw a card. Onslaught expanded on the Cycling mechanic by using more varied mana costs than Urza's Block Cycling cards and by including abilities that are triggered by the use of Cycling cards.% 26nbsp;
  • Morph - The most radical new mechanic in Onslaught, this allows players to play creatures as "face-down" creatures with no special abilities, except the ability to turn face-up for a cost. This added an element of guesswork to the game which was greater than any previously present.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAccursed Centaur
Magic Card ImageAEther Charge
Magic Card ImageAggravated Assault
Magic Card ImageAirborne Aid
Magic Card ImageAirdrop Condor
Magic Card ImageAkroma's Blessing
Magic Card ImageAkroma's Vengeance
Magic Card ImageAncestor's Prophet
Magic Card ImageAnimal Magnetism
Magic Card ImageAnnex
Magic Card ImageAnurid Murkdiver
Magic Card ImageAphetto Alchemist
Magic Card ImageAphetto Dredging
Magic Card ImageAphetto Grifter
Magic Card ImageAphetto Vulture
Magic Card ImageArcanis the Omnipotent
Magic Card ImageArtificial Evolution
Magic Card ImageAscending Aven
Magic Card ImageAstral Slide
Magic Card ImageAura Extraction
Magic Card ImageAurification
Magic Card ImageAvarax
Magic Card ImageAven Brigadier
Magic Card ImageAven Fateshaper
Magic Card ImageAven Soulgazer
Magic Card ImageBackslide
Magic Card ImageBarkhide Mauler
Magic Card ImageBarren Moor
Magic Card ImageBattering Craghorn
Magic Card ImageBattlefield Medic
Magic Card ImageBiorhythm
Magic Card ImageBirchlore Rangers
Magic Card ImageBlackmail
Magic Card ImageBlatant Thievery
Magic Card ImageBlistering Firecat
Magic Card ImageBloodline Shaman
Magic Card ImageBloodstained Mire
Magic Card ImageBoneknitter
Magic Card ImageBreak Open
Magic Card ImageBrightstone Ritual
Magic Card ImageBroodhatch Nantuko
Magic Card ImageButcher Orgg
Magic Card ImageCabal Archon
Magic Card ImageCabal Executioner
Magic Card ImageCabal Slaver
Magic Card ImageCallous Oppressor
Magic Card ImageCatapult Master
Magic Card ImageCatapult Squad
Magic Card ImageCentaur Glade
Magic Card ImageChain of Acid
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