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Mystical Tutor Magic Card

Mystical Tutor Magic The Gathering Card

Casting Cost:

Card Type: Instant

Card Text: Search your library for an instant or sorcery card and reveal that card. Shuffle your library, then put the card on top of it.

Flavor Text: "To the tutors, a ‘poem of sand' was of little account, a ‘poem of ivory,' priceless." —Afari, Tales

Artist(s): David O'Connor: (From the Vault: Exiled, Mirage, Sixth Edition)

Rarity: Uncommon: (Mirage, Sixth Edition), Mythic Rare: (From the Vault: Exiled)

Mystical Tutor Mtg Card Availability

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Magic Card ImageMystical Tutor (From the Vault: Exiled)
Magic Card ImageMystical Tutor (Mirage)
Magic Card ImageMystical Tutor (Sixth Edition)

Magic The Gathering Combos Utilizing Mystical Tutor

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Magic The Gathering Combo
all these carsd let you get the bribery early and bring it back for more pain
Magic The Gathering Combo
if you use the mystical tutor, you can make good use out of the other two crappy cards :).
Magic The Gathering Combo

Magic The Gathering Decks Utilizing Mystical Tutor

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60 Cards
Value: $1443.00
Really self-explanitory but as i have played with this deck for some time it is really fun at first but it wins 3rd turn consistently and my friends will not play me any more and it is not that fun to have a 2-minute game anyways. But and ideal game would be first turn play an island... second turn ancient tombs, frantic or attune as much as possible dumping burst and pandemonium and boom 3rd turn replenish. Some people say seal of cleansing instead of disenc
Lightning Vein
58 Cards
Value: $1149.32
1 mox ruby and 1 mox sapphire are in the deck but there wasnt room for them. its a type 1 tinker deck. even though there is only one tinker the deck still works fabulous.
Ham's Reanimator
64 Cards
Value: $122.74
just play what you get and hope for the best. this deck is quite chep and fun to play.

Mystical Tutor Set Specific Info

Mystical Tutor has now been printed in a total of 3 magic the gathering sets.

EditionRarityCard #Artist
From the Vault: ExiledMythic Rare8David O'Connor
MirageUncommonN/ADavid O'Connor
Sixth EditionUncommon83David O'Connor

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