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Weatherlight was the nineteenth Magic: The Gathering set and eleventh expert level set, third and last in the Mirage Block. It was released in June 1997. Its expansion symbol is the Thran Tome.

Even though Weatherlight was the last expansion in the Mirage block it does not continue the story set in Mirage and Visions. Instead, this expansion begins a new story with new characters. It should be noted that Sisay and the flying ship Weatherlight had been mentioned in and played a relatively minor role in Mirage and Visions. Mechanics from the other expansions in this block do appear as well as some new ones.

Weatherlight was based largely around the use of the graveyard. The set boasted more ways to retrieve cards from the graveyard than ever before, and other spells used the graveyard as a resource by removing cards in it from the game.

Weatherlight was the last set, until Coldsnap, to use cumulative upkeep which had been introduced in Ice Age, but the set provided a new twist: cards with effects which became larger as their cumulative upkeep costs increased.

Weatherlight was also the last set to use banding, a mechanic created in Alpha, because it was deemed too confusing.

Weatherlight had many so-called "cantrips", another idea that was created for Ice Age - spells that let you draw a card in addition to their normal effect. Weatherlight's innovation was to draw the card as soon as the spell resolved, rather than next turn, a change which is still used on cantrips to this day.

Though the third set in the Mirage block, Weatherlight does not prominently feature the keyword mechanics introduced in Mirage, phasing and flanking, which appear on only three and two cards, respectively, in this set.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbduction
Magic Card ImageAbeyance
Magic Card ImageAbjure
Magic Card ImageAboroth
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Gatekeeper
Magic Card ImageAEther Flash
Magic Card ImageAgonizing Memories
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Dragon
Magic Card ImageAlms
Magic Card ImageAncestral Knowledge
Magic Card ImageAngelic Renewal
Magic Card ImageApathy
Magic Card ImageArctic Wolves
Magic Card ImageArdent Militia
Magic Card ImageArgivian Find
Magic Card ImageArgivian Restoration
Magic Card ImageAura of Silence
Magic Card ImageAvizoa
Magic Card ImageBarishi
Magic Card ImageBarrow Ghoul
Magic Card ImageBenalish Infantry
Magic Card ImageBenalish Knight
Magic Card ImageBenalish Missionary
Magic Card ImageBetrothed of Fire
Magic Card ImageBloodrock Cyclops
Magic Card ImageBlossoming Wreath
Magic Card ImageBogardan Firefiend
Magic Card ImageBoiling Blood
Magic Card ImageBone Dancer
Magic Card ImageBosium Strip
Magic Card ImageBriar Shield
Magic Card ImageBubble Matrix
Magic Card ImageBuried Alive
Magic Card ImageCall of the Wild
Magic Card ImageChimeric Sphere
Magic Card ImageChoking Vines
Magic Card ImageCinder Giant
Magic Card ImageCinder Wall
Magic Card ImageCircling Vultures
Magic Card ImageCloud Djinn
Magic Card ImageCoils of the Medusa
Magic Card ImageCone of Flame
Magic Card ImageDebt of Loyalty
Magic Card ImageDense Foliage
Magic Card ImageDesperate Gambit
Magic Card ImageDingus Staff
Magic Card ImageDisrupt
Magic Card ImageDoomsday
Magic Card ImageDowndraft
Magic Card ImageDuskrider Falcon
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