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Urza's Legacy Magic The Gathering Cards

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Urza's Legacy is a Magic: The Gathering set, second in the Urza Block. Urza's Legacy was released in February 1999.

This set is the first set to feature premium cards also known as foil cards, inserted randomly into boosters.

Urza's Legacy expanded on some of Urza's Saga's mechanics.

Numerous cards with Echo had additional effects when they came into play, making it often useful to cast the cards without having to pay the echo cost on the next turn. Also, three non-creature artifacts were printed with Echo.

More "Sleeping" enchantments were introduced, including four that turned into creatures, and one of each color that produced various powerful effects when triggered.

Notable card

  • Memory Jar -- After many powerful cards from Urza's Saga and a few preceding sets were banned, the DCI was wary of more such combo cards. After the release of Urza's Legacy, Memory Jar was performing so well that it was banned before it even became tournament legal.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbout Face
Magic Card ImageAngel's Trumpet
Magic Card ImageAngelic Curator
Magic Card ImageAnthroplasm
Magic Card ImageArchivist
Magic Card ImageAura Flux
Magic Card ImageAvalanche Riders
Magic Card ImageBeast of Burden
Magic Card ImageBlessed Reversal
Magic Card ImageBloated Toad
Magic Card ImageBone Shredder
Magic Card ImageBouncing Beebles
Magic Card ImageBrink of Madness
Magic Card ImageBurst of Energy
Magic Card ImageCessation
Magic Card ImageCloud of Faeries
Magic Card ImageCrawlspace
Magic Card ImageCrop Rotation
Magic Card ImageDamping Engine
Magic Card ImageDarkwatch Elves
Magic Card ImageDefender of Chaos
Magic Card ImageDefender of Law
Magic Card ImageDefense Grid
Magic Card ImageDefense of the Heart
Magic Card ImageDelusions of Mediocrity
Magic Card ImageDeranged Hermit
Magic Card ImageDevout Harpist
Magic Card ImageDevout Harpist - Foil
Magic Card ImageEngineered Plague
Magic Card ImageErase
Magic Card ImageEviscerator
Magic Card ImageExpendable Troops
Magic Card ImageFaerie Conclave
Magic Card ImageFleeting Image
Magic Card ImageFog of Gnats
Magic Card ImageFog of Gnats - Foil
Magic Card ImageForbidding Watchtower
Magic Card ImageFrantic Search
Magic Card ImageGang of Elk
Magic Card ImageGhitu Encampment
Magic Card ImageGhitu Fire-Eater
Magic Card ImageGhitu Fire-Eater - Foil
Magic Card ImageGhitu Slinger
Magic Card ImageGhitu War Cry
Magic Card ImageGhitu War Cry - Foil
Magic Card ImageGiant Cockroach
Magic Card ImageGiant Cockroach - Foil
Magic Card ImageGoblin Medics
Magic Card ImageGoblin Welder
Magic Card ImageGranite Grip
Magic Card ImageGrim Monolith
Magic Card ImageHarmonic Convergence
Magic Card ImageHidden Gibbons
Magic Card ImageHope and Glory
Magic Card ImageImpending Disaster
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