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Urza's Destiny Magic The Gathering Cards

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Urza's Destiny is a Magic: The Gathering set, third in the Urza Block. Urza's Destiny was released on June 23, 1999. It is widely considered one of the most powerful sets ever printed, spawning some of the most feared decks of all time.

Urza's Destiny expanded further on some of the mechanics introduced in Urza's Saga.

Several creatures and enchant creatures trigger various abilities when put into a graveyard from play. Famous examples of this mechanic include Pattern of Rebirth, Academy Rector, and Gamekeeper.

Some permanents have the ability to be sacrificed for 2 mana to draw a card, like a cycling ability for cards in play that are no longer useful. Three creatures have this ability in addition to a "graveyard from play" ability. Yavimaya Elder is the most popular, a small green creature that can put three cards in its controller's hand (1 for the sac to draw, 2 lands when put into graveyard).

There is a class of spells that become more effective as a result of the number of cards of a certain color the caster reveals from his/her hand, as well as a cycle of creatures with abilities that emulate those spells.

Urza's Destiny also introduced a cycle of cards that remove a card of a certain type from the game, and then also remove all copies of that card not in play from its controller's deck. Called "Lobotomy" cards due to their resemblance to the card of that name, they were later reprinted in Betrayers of Kamigawa.

Yet another noteworthy aspect is that Urza's Destiny was the first Expert-level set to be printed under the then-new 6th Edition rules changes; the most notable change seen on cards is the text of creatures. Whereas a card like Llanowar Elves would be given "Summon Elf" in previous sets, it would now be given "Creature - Elf".

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAcademy Rector
Magic Card ImageAEther Sting
Magic Card ImageAEther Sting - Foil
Magic Card ImageAncient Silverback
Magic Card ImageApprentice Necromancer
Magic Card ImageArchery Training
Magic Card ImageArchery Training - Foil
Magic Card ImageAttrition
Magic Card ImageAura Thief
Magic Card ImageBlizzard Elemental
Magic Card ImageBloodshot Cyclops
Magic Card ImageBloodshot Cyclops - Foil
Magic Card ImageBody Snatcher
Magic Card ImageBraidwood Cup
Magic Card ImageBraidwood Cup - Foil
Magic Card ImageBraidwood Sextant
Magic Card ImageBraidwood Sextant - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrass Secretary
Magic Card ImageBrine Seer
Magic Card ImageBubbling Beebles
Magic Card ImageBubbling Muck
Magic Card ImageCaltrops
Magic Card ImageCapashen Knight
Magic Card ImageCapashen Knight - Foil
Magic Card ImageCapashen Standard
Magic Card ImageCapashen Templar
Magic Card ImageCapashen Templar - Foil
Magic Card ImageCarnival of Souls
Magic Card ImageChime of Night
Magic Card ImageChime of Night - Foil
Magic Card ImageCinder Seer
Magic Card ImageCinder Seer - Foil
Magic Card ImageColos Yearling
Magic Card ImageColos Yearling - Foil
Magic Card ImageCompost
Magic Card ImageCovetous Dragon
Magic Card ImageDisappear
Magic Card ImageDisease Carriers
Magic Card ImageDonate
Magic Card ImageDying Wail
Magic Card ImageElvish Lookout
Magic Card ImageElvish Piper
Magic Card ImageEmperor Crocodile
Magic Card ImageEncroach
Magic Card ImageEradicate
Magic Card ImageExtruder
Magic Card ImageFalse Prophet
Magic Card ImageFatigue
Magic Card ImageFend Off
Magic Card ImageFestering Wound
Magic Card ImageField Surgeon
Magic Card ImageField Surgeon - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlame Jet
Magic Card ImageFledgling Osprey
Magic Card ImageFledgling Osprey - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlicker
Magic Card ImageFodder Cannon
Magic Card ImageFodder Cannon - Foil
Magic Card ImageGamekeeper
Magic Card ImageGamekeeper - Foil
Magic Card ImageGoblin Berserker
Magic Card ImageGoblin Berserker - Foil
Magic Card ImageGoblin Festival
Magic Card ImageGoblin Gardener
Magic Card ImageGoblin Marshal
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