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Time Spiral - Timeshifted Magic The Gathering Cards

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To represent the temporal chaos afflicting Dominaria, Time Spiral was released with an additional sub-set of 121 Timeshifted cards; reprints of certain cards taken from every set prior to Mirrodin. These cards have all been updated to meet the current rules and keywording. To differentiate them from normal cards, Timeshifted cards are printed in the pre-8th Edition card frame, with a purple Time Spiral expansion symbol. The Timeshifted cards are distributed one per booster pack and three per tournament pack (replacing a common card), and appear in the preconstructed decks. According to DCI-distributed tournament primers, Timeshifted cards are tournament legal wherever the main set is.

Timeshifted cards also appear in Planar Chaos and Future Sight, but are not direct reprints of older cards.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkroma, Angel of Wrath
Magic Card ImageArena
Magic Card ImageAssault
Magic Card ImageAuratog
Magic Card ImageAvalanche Riders
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Woe
Magic Card ImageAvoid Fate
Magic Card ImageBad Moon
Magic Card ImageBrowbeat
Magic Card ImageCall of the Herd
Magic Card ImageCelestial Dawn
Magic Card ImageClaws of Gix
Magic Card ImageCoalition Victory
Magic Card ImageCockatrice
Magic Card ImageConsecrate Land
Magic Card ImageConsecrate Land - Foil
Magic Card ImageConspiracy
Magic Card ImageCraw Giant
Magic Card ImageDandan
Magic Card ImageDarkness
Magic Card ImageDauthi Slayer
Magic Card ImageDefiant Vanguard
Magic Card ImageDesert
Magic Card ImageDesolation Giant
Magic Card ImageDisenchant
Magic Card ImageDisintegrate
Magic Card ImageDodecapod
Magic Card ImageDragon Whelp
Magic Card ImageDragonstorm
Magic Card ImageEnduring Renewal
Magic Card ImageEron the Relentless
Magic Card ImageEssence Sliver
Magic Card ImageEvil Eye of Orms-by-Gore
Magic Card ImageFaceless Butcher
Magic Card ImageFaceless Butcher - Foil
Magic Card ImageFeldon's Cane
Magic Card ImageFiery Justice
Magic Card ImageFiery Temper
Magic Card ImageFire Whip
Magic Card ImageFire Whip - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlying Men
Magic Card ImageFuneral Charm
Magic Card ImageGaea's Blessing
Magic Card ImageGaea's Liege
Magic Card ImageGemstone Mine
Magic Card ImageGhost Ship
Magic Card ImageGiant Oyster
Magic Card ImageGoblin Snowman
Magic Card ImageGrinning Totem
Magic Card ImageHail Storm
Magic Card ImageHonorable Passage
Magic Card ImageHunting Moa
Magic Card ImageHunting Moa - Foil
Magic Card ImageIcatian Javelineers
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