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Stronghold was the 21st Magic: The Gathering set and thirteenth expert level set, and the second set in the Rath Block, released in March 1998. The block includes Tempest and Exodus. Stronghold contains 143 cards. Its expansion symbol is the closed portcullis of Volrath's stronghold.

Stronghold was the last set in which multi-colored cards appeared until the 2000 expansion Invasion.

A prominent creature type in Stronghold are the Spikes. While first introduced in Tempest, Stronghold greatly expanded on this creature type that can make other creatures larger.

The En-Kor are creatures that can redirect damaged they suffer to other creatures, thus making them almost invulnerable to damage. These cards enabled a combination that led to infinite life, and were mainly used for this unpredicted feature.

Stronghold used many of the same mechanics as Tempest, including buyback, licids, and shadow.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAcidic Sliver
Magic Card ImageAmok
Magic Card ImageAwakening
Magic Card ImageBandage
Magic Card ImageBottomless Pit
Magic Card ImageBrush with Death
Magic Card ImageBullwhip
Magic Card ImageBurgeoning
Magic Card ImageCalming Licid
Magic Card ImageCannibalize
Magic Card ImageCarnassid
Magic Card ImageChange of Heart
Magic Card ImageCloud Spirit
Magic Card ImageConstant Mists
Magic Card ImageContemplation
Magic Card ImageContempt
Magic Card ImageConviction
Magic Card ImageConvulsing Licid
Magic Card ImageCorrupting Licid
Magic Card ImageCraven Giant
Magic Card ImageCrossbow Ambush
Magic Card ImageCrovax the Cursed
Magic Card ImageCrystalline Sliver
Magic Card ImageDauthi Trapper
Magic Card ImageDeath Stroke
Magic Card ImageDream Halls
Magic Card ImageDream Prowler
Magic Card ImageDuct Crawler
Magic Card ImageDungeon Shade
Magic Card ImageElven Rite
Magic Card ImageEndangered Armodon
Magic Card ImageEnsnaring Bridge
Magic Card ImageEvacuation
Magic Card ImageFanning the Flames
Magic Card ImageFlame Wave
Magic Card ImageFling
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Blade
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Hellion
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Mauler
Magic Card ImageFlowstone Shambler
Magic Card ImageFoul Imp
Magic Card ImageFurnace Spirit
Magic Card ImageGliding Licid
Magic Card ImageGrave Pact
Magic Card ImageHammerhead Shark
Magic Card ImageHeartstone
Magic Card ImageHeat of Battle
Magic Card ImageHermit Druid
Magic Card ImageHesitation
Magic Card ImageHibernation Sliver
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