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Seventh Edition Magic The Gathering Cards

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7th Edition was a Magic: The Gathering set printed in 2001. It is the only core set since Alpha to have introduced all-new art for every card. A white-bordered set, it was first available on April 2, 2001. The set contained 350 cards. It was the first Core Set to introduce black-bordered foils. The expansion symbol was a stylized 7.

Despite being an advanced level set 7th Edition contained a separate basic subset for new players similar to the products that were previously offered as Starter 2000. Cards that appeared in the 7th Edition Starter special pre-constructed theme decks did not appear in boosters. This would be the last starter level product released by Wizards of the Coast.

7th Edition was the last base set printed in the 'old' frame. 8th Edition introduced the modern card frame. 7th Edition was the last base set released prior to the last set of the then-current block. 7th Edition was released before Apocalypse, but starting with 8th Edition the base set editions (now known as Core Set editions) were released after the last set of the then-current block and before the first set of the subsequent block.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Horror
Magic Card ImageAbyssal Specter
Magic Card ImageAdarkar Wastes
Magic Card ImageAEther Flash
Magic Card ImageAgonizing Memories
Magic Card ImageAir Elemental
Magic Card ImageAladdin's Ring
Magic Card ImageAnaconda
Magic Card ImageAncestral Memories
Magic Card ImageAncient Silverback
Magic Card ImageAngelic Page
Magic Card ImageArcane Laboratory
Magic Card ImageArchivist
Magic Card ImageArdent Militia
Magic Card ImageBalduvian Barbarians
Magic Card ImageBaleful Stare
Magic Card ImageBeast of Burden
Magic Card ImageBedlam
Magic Card ImageBefoul
Magic Card ImageBellowing Fiend
Magic Card ImageBenthic Behemoth
Magic Card ImageBereavement
Magic Card ImageBirds of Paradise
Magic Card ImageBlanchwood Armor
Magic Card ImageBlaze
Magic Card ImageBlessed Reversal
Magic Card ImageBlood Pet
Magic Card ImageBloodshot Cyclops
Magic Card ImageBog Imp
Magic Card ImageBog Wraith
Magic Card ImageBoil
Magic Card ImageBoomerang
Magic Card ImageBreath of Life
Magic Card ImageBrushland
Magic Card ImageBull Hippo
Magic Card ImageCaltrops
Magic Card ImageCanopy Spider
Magic Card ImageCastle
Magic Card ImageCharcoal Diamond
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Black
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Blue
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Green
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: Red
Magic Card ImageCircle of Protection: White
Magic Card ImageCity of Brass
Magic Card ImageCloudchaser Eagle
Magic Card ImageCoat of Arms
Magic Card ImageCompost
Magic Card ImageConfiscate
Magic Card ImageCoral Merfolk
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