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Scourge Magic The Gathering Cards

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Scourge is a Magic: The Gathering expansion set. It is the third set of the Onslaught block. There are 143 cards overall. The expansion symbol is a dragon's skull.

Mechanics used in Scourge are:

  • Storm - Allows you to copy a spell multiple times equal to the number of other spells that have been played on the turn. This mechanic was reused in Time Spiral.
  • Landcycling - A variant on cycling, this allows you to cycle a card to search your library for a land of the cycling type rather than drawing a card. For example, a card with Plainscycling 2 could be cycled for 2 mana to find a Plains.% 26nbsp;
  • 'Converted mana cost' matters - There were many cards in the set that encouraged you to play high mana costed spells (six mana or more).% 26nbsp;
  • Though not a mechanic, Scourge boasts a small but significant dragon theme, with more than ten cards that revolved around dragons. It had five 'dragon boons', one for each color, which would bounce back from the graveyard to enchant an expensive creature you control that comes into play.

The release of Scourge made a large impact on tournament play. In particular, the addition of Goblin Warchief greatly strengthened decks using the Goblin tribe in multiple formats. Eternal Dragon gave white control decks both a robust card advantage and finisher all in one. Vintage quickly adopted both Mind's Desire and Tendrils of Agony due to their extreme synergy with fast artifact mana and Yawgmoth's Will plus their relative immunity to disruption like Force of Will and Chalice of the Void. Almost in protest, the Scourge card Stifle also allowed decks to counter things that were previously immune, including the Scourge Storm cards.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAccelerated Mutation
Magic Card ImageAccelerated Mutation - Foil
Magic Card ImageAgeless Sentinels
Magic Card ImageAgeless Sentinels - Foil
Magic Card ImageAlpha Status
Magic Card ImageAlpha Status - Foil
Magic Card ImageAmbush Commander
Magic Card ImageAncient Ooze
Magic Card ImageAphetto Runecaster
Magic Card ImageArk of Blight
Magic Card ImageAstral Steel
Magic Card ImageAstral Steel - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Farseer
Magic Card ImageAven Liberator
Magic Card ImageAven Liberator - Foil
Magic Card ImageBladewing the Risen
Magic Card ImageBladewing's Thrall
Magic Card ImageBonethorn Valesk
Magic Card ImageBonethorn Valesk - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrain Freeze
Magic Card ImageBreak Asunder
Magic Card ImageCabal Conditioning
Magic Card ImageCabal Conditioning - Foil
Magic Card ImageCabal Interrogator
Magic Card ImageCall to the Grave
Magic Card ImageCarbonize
Magic Card ImageCarbonize - Foil
Magic Card ImageCarrion Feeder
Magic Card ImageChartooth Cougar
Magic Card ImageChartooth Cougar - Foil
Magic Card ImageChill Haunting
Magic Card ImageClaws of Wirewood
Magic Card ImageClaws of Wirewood - Foil
Magic Card ImageClutch of Undeath
Magic Card ImageClutch of Undeath - Foil
Magic Card ImageCoast Watcher
Magic Card ImageCoast Watcher - Foil
Magic Card ImageConsumptive Goo
Magic Card ImageDaru Spiritualist
Magic Card ImageDaru Warchief
Magic Card ImageDawn Elemental
Magic Card ImageDay of the Dragons
Magic Card ImageDeath's-Head Buzzard
Magic Card ImageDeath's-Head Buzzard - Foil
Magic Card ImageDecree of Annihilation
Magic Card ImageDecree of Justice
Magic Card ImageDecree of Pain
Magic Card ImageDecree of Savagery
Magic Card ImageDecree of Silence
Magic Card ImageDimensional Breach
Magic Card ImageDispersal Shield
Magic Card ImageDivergent Growth
Magic Card ImageDragon Breath
Magic Card ImageDragon Fangs
Magic Card ImageDragon Mage
Magic Card ImageDragon Scales
Magic Card ImageDragon Scales - Foil
Magic Card ImageDragon Shadow
Magic Card ImageDragon Tyrant
Magic Card ImageDragon Wings
Magic Card ImageDragon Wings - Foil
Magic Card ImageDragonspeaker Shaman
Magic Card ImageDragonstalker
Magic Card ImageDragonstalker - Foil
Magic Card ImageDragonstorm
Magic Card ImageEdgewalker
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