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Saviors Of Kamigawa Magic The Gathering Cards

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Saviors of Kamigawa (also Saviors or SoK) is a Magic: The Gathering set, third and last in the Kamigawa Block. Saviors of Kamigawa was released on June 3, 2005 (prerelease on May 21, 2005). Its expansion symbol is a Japanese lantern.

Saviors of Kamigawa introduces several new mechanics to the game.

  • Epic Spells are powerful cards with effects so big that once played their controller can't play spells for the rest of the game. In exchange, that player gets a copy of the spell again for free during each of his or her upkeeps. Ideally, these spells are used when a sort of control of the game has been established, to offset the Epic ability. Notably, Enduring Ideal had become a semi-popular deck, while being able to fetch any enchantment every turn (it usually wins by fetching Form of the Dragon and Zur's Weirding to gain control of the game).
  • Channel represents the fading barrier between the spirit world and reality. Spirits now have the ability to concentrate their physical form into a one-shot instant-effect. Channel is an activated ability not unlike cycling; a 'Channel' cost is played, and the card is discarded with an effect.% 26nbsp;
  • Sweep Spells, following in the sudden burst of spell power, allows players to determine how devastating they want the spell to be, in exchange for returning lands of a required type to your hand.% 26nbsp;
  • Five new flip cards - These flip cards are different from previous flips. Saviors of Kamigawa's cycle of flip creatures, once their conditions are met, change into Legendary global enchantments with big effects, symbolizing that creature's Essence.% 26nbsp;
  • Wisdom isn't a keyword mechanic, but a Saviors of Kamigawa theme. Cards with wisdom get bigger and better depending on the number of cards in players' hands. Typically, the magic number is 7.
  • Saviors also features the first intentional (see Alpha's Cyclopean Tomb) literally unplayable spell, Evermind. Its effect can only be achieved through the use of the Splice mechanic introduced in Champions of Kamigawa. However, new rules from Time Spiral now allow these kinds of cards (the ones without mana cost) to be played as long as the player can bypass paying the non-existing mana cost, thus adding more ways to use Evermind.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAdamaro, First to Desire
Magic Card ImageAEther Shockwave
Magic Card ImageAkki Drillmaster
Magic Card ImageAkki Drillmaster - Foil
Magic Card ImageAkki Underling
Magic Card ImageAkki Underling - Foil
Magic Card ImageAkuta, Born of Ash
Magic Card ImageAraba Mothrider
Magic Card ImageAraba Mothrider - Foil
Magic Card ImageArashi, the Sky Asunder
Magic Card ImageAshes of the Fallen
Magic Card ImageAyumi, the Last Visitor
Magic Card ImageBarrel Down Sokenzan
Magic Card ImageBarrel Down Sokenzan - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlood Clock
Magic Card ImageBounteous Kirin
Magic Card ImageBriarknit Kami
Magic Card ImageBurning-Eye Zubera
Magic Card ImageCaptive Flame
Magic Card ImageCaptive Flame - Foil
Magic Card ImageCelestial Kirin
Magic Card ImageCharge Across the Araba
Magic Card ImageChoice of Damnations
Magic Card ImageChoice of Damnations - Foil
Magic Card ImageCloudhoof Kirin
Magic Card ImageCowed by Wisdom
Magic Card ImageCowed by Wisdom - Foil
Magic Card ImageCurtain of Light
Magic Card ImageCut the Earthly Bond
Magic Card ImageCut the Earthly Bond - Foil
Magic Card ImageDeath Denied
Magic Card ImageDeath Denied - Foil
Magic Card ImageDeath of a Thousand Stings
Magic Card ImageDeath of a Thousand Stings - Foil
Magic Card ImageDeathknell Kami
Magic Card ImageDeathknell Kami - Foil
Magic Card ImageDeathmask Nezumi
Magic Card ImageDeathmask Nezumi - Foil
Magic Card ImageDense Canopy
Magic Card ImageDense Canopy - Foil
Magic Card ImageDescendant of Kiyomaro
Magic Card ImageDescendant of Masumaro
Magic Card ImageDescendant of Masumaro - Foil
Magic Card ImageDescendant of Soramaro
Magic Card ImageDosan's Oldest Chant
Magic Card ImageDreamcatcher
Magic Card ImageDreamcatcher - Foil
Magic Card ImageEbony Owl Netsuke
Magic Card ImageEiganjo Free-Riders
Magic Card ImageElder Pine of Jukai
Magic Card ImageEndless Swarm
Magic Card ImageEnduring Ideal
Magic Card ImageErayo, Soratami Ascendant
Magic Card ImageEternal Dominion
Magic Card ImageEvermind
Magic Card ImageExile into Darkness
Magic Card ImageFeral Lightning
Magic Card ImageFeral Lightning - Foil
Magic Card ImageFiddlehead Kami
Magic Card ImageFootsteps of the Goryo
Magic Card ImageFreed from the Real
Magic Card ImageGaze of Adamaro
Magic Card ImageGaze of Adamaro - Foil
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Nourisher
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Nourisher - Foil
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Raider
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Redeemer
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Stalker
Magic Card ImageGhost-Lit Stalker - Foil
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