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Prophecy Magic The Gathering Cards

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Prophecy is a Magic: The Gathering expansion set. It was the third set of the Masques block, and when released, was one of the least popular sets ever among tournament players. Though many casual players liked it because of the enormous Avatar and Winds cycle, both of which had a big effect at a big cost, it had relatively little impact on Type 2 (standard).

The main theme and mechanic of the set was lands; specifically, whether lands were untapped or not. Similarly, the Rhystic cards gave the player an advantage if no other players paid a certain amount of mana. Prophecy introduced no keyword mechanics.

It should be noted the war bears a striking similarity to the Peloponnesian War between the Athenian Empire and the Peloponnesian League.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbolish
Magic Card ImageAgent of Shauku
Magic Card ImageAlexi's Cloak
Magic Card ImageAlexi, Zephyr Mage
Magic Card ImageAura Fracture
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Fury
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Hope
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Might
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Will
Magic Card ImageAvatar of Woe
Magic Card ImageBarbed Field
Magic Card ImageBlessed Wind
Magic Card ImageBog Elemental
Magic Card ImageBog Glider
Magic Card ImageBranded Brawlers
Magic Card ImageBrutal Suppression
Magic Card ImageCalming Verse
Magic Card ImageCelestial Convergence
Magic Card ImageChilling Apparition
Magic Card ImageChimeric Idol
Magic Card ImageCitadel of Pain
Magic Card ImageCoastal Hornclaw
Magic Card ImageCoffin Puppets
Magic Card ImageCopper-Leaf Angel
Magic Card ImageDarba
Magic Card ImageDeath Charmer
Magic Card ImageDenying Wind
Magic Card ImageDespoil
Magic Card ImageDevastate
Magic Card ImageDiving Griffin
Magic Card ImageDual Nature
Magic Card ImageElephant Resurgence
Magic Card ImageEndbringer's Revel
Magic Card ImageEntangler
Magic Card ImageExcavation
Magic Card ImageExcise
Magic Card ImageFault Riders
Magic Card ImageFen Stalker
Magic Card ImageFickle Efreet
Magic Card ImageFlameshot
Magic Card ImageFlay
Magic Card ImageFlowering Field
Magic Card ImageFoil
Magic Card ImageForgotten Harvest
Magic Card ImageGlittering Lion
Magic Card ImageGlittering Lynx
Magic Card ImageGreel's Caress
Magic Card ImageGreel, Mind Raker
Magic Card ImageGulf Squid
Magic Card ImageHazy Homunculus
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