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Portal Magic The Gathering Cards

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Portal was the eighteenth Magic: The Gathering set and first starter level set, released on May 1, 1997. Depending on the language, the set contains between 221 and 228 cards.

Portal was Wizards of the Coast's first major attempt at a set that new players could come into the game and understand. Back before the major rules changes brought forth by 6th Edition, Magic rules were more complicated; today, they are simplified with the addition of the stack.

As of October 2005, all cards in the Portal block are legal in Vintage and Legacy tournaments.

No new mechanics were introduced with Portal, but there were several "simplifications" made to the game through things left out of the set.

Instants did not exist within the set (instead, every "one-shot" spell was a sorcery; however, some sorceries could be played at particular times uncommon to sorceries but normal for instants). Most of these cards have since received errata making them Instants. For example, the card Assassin's Blade has the following text: Play Assassin's Blade only during the declare attackers step and only if you are the defending player.

All rules text was in boldface. All flavor text and reminder (italicized) text was not boldface. To separate rules text and flavor text, the cards utilized a line with a slight bulge on both top and bottom; this makes the line look like a very elongated diamond.

Although they do now via errata text, in their original printings Portal cards had no creature type.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Dragon
Magic Card ImageAlluring Scent
Magic Card ImageAnaconda
Magic Card ImageAncestral Memories
Magic Card ImageAngelic Blessing
Magic Card ImageArchangel
Magic Card ImageArdent Militia
Magic Card ImageArmageddon
Magic Card ImageArmored Pegasus
Magic Card ImageArrogant Vampire
Magic Card ImageAssassin's Blade
Magic Card ImageBalance of Power
Magic Card ImageBaleful Stare
Magic Card ImageBee Sting
Magic Card ImageBlaze
Magic Card ImageBlessed Reversal
Magic Card ImageBlinding Light
Magic Card ImageBog Imp
Magic Card ImageBog Raiders
Magic Card ImageBog Wraith
Magic Card ImageBoiling Seas
Magic Card ImageBorder Guard
Magic Card ImageBreath of Life
Magic Card ImageBull Hippo
Magic Card ImageBurning Cloak
Magic Card ImageCapricious Sorcerer
Magic Card ImageCharging Bandits
Magic Card ImageCharging Paladin
Magic Card ImageCharging Rhino
Magic Card ImageCloak of Feathers
Magic Card ImageCloud Dragon
Magic Card ImageCloud Pirates
Magic Card ImageCloud Spirit
Magic Card ImageCommand of Unsummoning
Magic Card ImageCoral Eel
Magic Card ImageCraven Giant
Magic Card ImageCraven Knight
Magic Card ImageCruel Bargain
Magic Card ImageCruel Fate
Magic Card ImageCruel Tutor
Magic Card ImageDeep Wood
Magic Card ImageDeep-Sea Serpent
Magic Card ImageDefiant Stand
Magic Card ImageDeja Vu
Magic Card ImageDesert Drake
Magic Card ImageDevastation
Magic Card ImageDevoted Hero
Magic Card ImageDjinn of the Lamp
Magic Card ImageDread Charge
Magic Card ImageDread Reaper
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