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Planar Chaos is an expansion set, codenamed "Crackle," from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The set was released on February 2, 2007. The pre-release events took place on January 20th and 21st, 2007. It is the second set in the Time Spiral block. The symbol for Planar Chaos is a Mobius strip.

Designed by Bill Rose (lead designer), Matt Place, Mark Rosewater and Paul Sottosanti, and developed by Devin Low (lead developer), Zvi Mowshowitz, Brian Schneider, Henry Stern and Mike Turian, Planar Chaos was tasked with representing the present in a set focused on the cycle of time.

The design team considered a number of ways to represent an alternate present, including the introduction of purple as a new color.

Eventually, the team chose to represent alternate realities where elements of the color pie were shifted, placing spell types and abilities into unusual colors. These alternate realities were epitomized by the set's 45 "Timeshifted" cards. Unlike their predecessors in Time Spiral, these cards were direct reprints of previous cards, save for shifts in color, land or color references in card text, card name and creature type. Timeshifted cards in Planar Chaos appear in an altered version of the modern card frame with standard set symbols.

Timeshifted cards in Planar Chaos are also distributed differently. In each pack, three common cards are of the Timeshifted variety and an uncommon is replaced with either a timeshifted rare or uncommon. Foil cards, instead of replacing a card of the same rarity, replace a common card. As such, it is possible to receive a booster with up to three rare cards: one normal, one foil and one timeshifted. The uncommon timeshifted cards show up in a 3:1 ratio to the rare timeshifted cards, so the average out of 4 boosters is 3 uncommon and 1 rare timeshifted card.

The only Planar Chaos specific keyword mechanic is Vanishing, an updated version of an older mechanic, Fading. Vanishing uses time counters to interact with Time Spiral cards and induces sacrifice at the removal of the final counter to make the mechanic more intuitive than its predecessor.

The Time Spiral keywords of Suspend, Flash and Split Second all returned in Planar Chaos, alongside the "timeshifted" mechanics of Echo, Flanking, Kicker, Madness, Morph and Shadow. Planar Chaos marked the first appearance of spells with Echo costs that did not match their casting costs, as well as the first appearance of single color split cards.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAeon Chronicler
Magic Card ImageAeon Chronicler - Foil
Magic Card ImageAEther Membrane
Magic Card ImageAkroma, Angel of Fury
Magic Card ImageAna Battlemage
Magic Card ImageAquamorph Entity
Magic Card ImageAquamorph Entity - Foil
Magic Card ImageAuramancer's Guise
Magic Card ImageAven Riftwatcher
Magic Card ImageBattering Sliver
Magic Card ImageBattering Sliver - Foil
Magic Card ImageBenalish Commander
Magic Card ImageBig Game Hunter
Magic Card ImageBlightspeaker
Magic Card ImageBlightspeaker - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlood Knight
Magic Card ImageBody Double
Magic Card ImageBody Double - Foil
Magic Card ImageBog Serpent
Magic Card ImageBoom
Magic Card ImageBraids, Conjurer Adept
Magic Card ImageBrain Gorgers
Magic Card ImageBrain Gorgers - Foil
Magic Card ImageBrute Force
Magic Card ImageBrute Force - Foil
Magic Card ImageCalciderm
Magic Card ImageCautery Sliver
Magic Card ImageChronozoa
Magic Card ImageCircle of Affliction
Magic Card ImageCitanul Woodreaders
Magic Card ImageCitanul Woodreaders - Foil
Magic Card ImageCradle to Grave
Magic Card ImageCrovax, Ascendant Hero
Magic Card ImageDamnation
Magic Card ImageDamnation - Foil
Magic Card ImageDarkheart Sliver
Magic Card ImageDash Hopes
Magic Card ImageDawn Charm
Magic Card ImageDead
Magic Card ImageDeadly Grub
Magic Card ImageDeadwood Treefolk
Magic Card ImageDetritivore
Magic Card ImageDichotomancy
Magic Card ImageDismal Failure
Magic Card ImageDismal Failure - Foil
Magic Card ImageDormant Sliver
Magic Card ImageDreamscape Artist
Magic Card ImageDunerider Outlaw
Magic Card ImageDunerider Outlaw - Foil
Magic Card ImageDust Corona
Magic Card ImageDust Elemental
Magic Card ImageEnslave
Magic Card ImageErratic Mutation
Magic Card ImageEssence Warden
Magic Card ImageEvolution Charm
Magic Card ImageExtirpate
Magic Card ImageFa'adiyah Seer
Magic Card ImageFatal Frenzy
Magic Card ImageFirefright Mage
Magic Card ImageFrenetic Sliver
Magic Card ImageFrozen AEther
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