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Odyssey Magic The Gathering Cards

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Odyssey is the 24th Magic:The Gathering expert-level expansion set. Released in September, 2001, Odyssey is the first set in the Odyssey Block. Its expansion symbol is a small image of the Mirari (see storyline).

The Magic: The Gathering Creative Team began a new approach to Magic's storyline starting with Odyssey. Changes include:

  • The 13 previous sets' storyline, beginning in Weatherlight and climaxing in Apocalypse, that depicted the adventures of Urza Planeswalker, Gerrard Capashen and the Weatherlight crew's crusade against the Phyrexians, has been dropped. For Odyssey, a new story begins in a new setting with a new cast of characters.
  • Kamahl is a red protagonist (Red is the color of chaos, destruction, and impulse).% 26nbsp;
  • Laquatus is a blue antagonist (Blue is the color of knowledge, trickery, and now, even deceit).% 26nbsp;
  • Odyssey portrays black themes that include the entertainment and glory of the pit fights mixed with capitalism. These themes have relatively good connotations compared to black's themes in previous storylines, which included genocide, soul-harvesting, and finding the most agonizing torture for captive victims.% 26nbsp;
  • New storylines can be as short as three sets, and each storyline can be revisited or cross paths (for an example, see Mirrodin's storyline).

Odyssey 's main theme is the graveyard. All the colors interact with the graveyard and use it as a resource, though green and black are the strongest graveyard colors. Previously, the graveyard rarely affected gameplay, but Odyssey 's cards forced players to constantly keep track of both graveyards at all times.

Odyssey 's secondary theme is token creatures. Throughout the Odyssey block, all the colors receive more token creatures than usual, and green's token generating spells are some of the most powerful tokens generators in Magic history. This was because if spells had Flashback they could be played from the graveyard for its Flashback cost and would be removed from the game once it resolved. This essentially allowed you to play the same spell twice. The most noteable card among these was Call of the Herd which was later reprinted as one of the Time Spiral 'Timeshifted' cards.

Many of Magic's marquee races like Elves and Goblins are completely absent from Otaria. White is represented by Nomads and the Aven birds of The Order; Blue has the deceitful, octopus-like Cephalids; Black is plagued by the Horrors and Minions of Cabal summoners; Red showcases Dwarves, Firecats, and Barbarians of the Pardic mountains; and Green is rife with Centaurs, Squirrels, and the insect-like Nantuko druids of the Krosan forest.

Odyssey introduced two graveyard-centered mechanics:
  • Flashback - These spells can be played again from the graveyard, essentially getting a second use out of the spell. However, using a Flashback ability removes the card from the game. Red and green are the strongest flashback colors.% 26nbsp;
  • Threshold - Certain spells and creatures gain bonuses when your graveyard reaches or exceeds the seven card threshold. Blue is lacking in threshold cards but has the easiest time achieving threshold

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbandoned Outpost
Magic Card ImageAboshan's Desire
Magic Card ImageAboshan, Cephalid Emperor
Magic Card ImageAcceptable Losses
Magic Card ImageAcceptable Losses - Foil
Magic Card ImageAegis of Honor
Magic Card ImageAEther Burst
Magic Card ImageAEther Burst - Foil
Magic Card ImageAfflict
Magic Card ImageAmugaba
Magic Card ImageAnarchist
Magic Card ImageAncestral Tribute
Magic Card ImageAngelic Wall
Magic Card ImageAnimal Boneyard
Magic Card ImageAshen Firebeast
Magic Card ImageAtogatog
Magic Card ImageAura Graft
Magic Card ImageAura Graft - Foil
Magic Card ImageAuramancer
Magic Card ImageAven Archer
Magic Card ImageAven Cloudchaser
Magic Card ImageAven Fisher
Magic Card ImageAven Fisher - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Flock
Magic Card ImageAven Shrine
Magic Card ImageAven Smokeweaver
Magic Card ImageAven Windreader
Magic Card ImageBalancing Act
Magic Card ImageBalshan Beguiler
Magic Card ImageBalshan Griffin
Magic Card ImageBamboozle
Magic Card ImageBamboozle - Foil
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Lunatic
Magic Card ImageBarbarian Ring
Magic Card ImageBash to Bits
Magic Card ImageBattle of Wits
Magic Card ImageBattle Strain
Magic Card ImageBearscape
Magic Card ImageBeast Attack
Magic Card ImageBeloved Chaplain
Magic Card ImageBlazing Salvo
Magic Card ImageBlazing Salvo - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlessed Orator
Magic Card ImageBlessed Orator - Foil
Magic Card ImageBloodcurdler
Magic Card ImageBog Wreckage
Magic Card ImageBomb Squad
Magic Card ImageBraids, Cabal Minion
Magic Card ImageBuried Alive
Magic Card ImageBurning Sands
Magic Card ImageCabal Inquisitor
Magic Card ImageCabal Patriarch
Magic Card ImageCabal Pit
Magic Card ImageCabal Shrine
Magic Card ImageCall of the Herd
Magic Card ImageCantivore
Magic Card ImageCareful Study
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