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Morningtide Magic The Gathering Cards

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Morningtide is an expansion set, codenamed "Butter," for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. It is the 44th expert level set, and it was released on February 1, 2008. The pre-release events for this set were held on January 19 and January 20, 2008.

Morningtide is the second and final set of Lorwyn block. The following set, Shadowmoor, is not part of Lorwyn block, as originally announced, but the first set of the Shadowmoor block, another two set block. Though separate blocks, these two mini-blocks will rotate into and out of official tournament formats as though they were a single block.

As revealed in an advertisement in the trade publication ICv2 and later confirmed by Mark Rosewater in his column, Morningtide expands upon Lorwyn flavor and theme by focusing on at least five classes (Soldiers, Shamans, Wizards, Warriors, and Rogues) as well as a few minor class-based tribes (Druids, Archers, Knights, Clerics, and Assassins) in addition to the eight races of Lorwyn (Kithkin, Merfolk, Faeries, Elementals [Flamekin and Greater], Goblins, Giants, Treefolk, and Elves). Additionally, three new mechanics got keyworded with this expansion, namely; Prowl, Reinforce, and Kinship.

Four preconstructed theme decks have been released as part of the set. The theme decks are "Battalion" (White/Blue), "Going Rogue" (Blue/Black), "Shamanism" (White/Black/Green), and "Warrior's Code" (Red/Green).

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAmbassador Oak
Magic Card ImageAuntie's Snitch
Magic Card ImageAuntie's Snitch - Foil
Magic Card ImageBallyrush Banneret
Magic Card ImageBattletide Alchemist
Magic Card ImageBitterblossom
Magic Card ImageBlightsoil Druid
Magic Card ImageBoldwyr Heavyweights
Magic Card ImageBoldwyr Intimidator
Magic Card ImageBorderland Behemoth
Magic Card ImageBosk Banneret
Magic Card ImageBramblewood Paragon
Magic Card ImageBrighthearth Banneret
Magic Card ImageBurrenton Bombardier
Magic Card ImageBurrenton Bombardier - Foil
Magic Card ImageBurrenton Shield-Bearers
Magic Card ImageCenn's Tactician
Magic Card ImageChameleon Colossus
Magic Card ImageChangeling Sentinel
Magic Card ImageChangeling Sentinel - Foil
Magic Card ImageCloak and Dagger
Magic Card ImageCoordinated Barrage
Magic Card ImageCoordinated Barrage - Foil
Magic Card ImageCountryside Crusher
Magic Card ImageCream of the Crop
Magic Card ImageDaily Regimen
Magic Card ImageDaily Regimen - Foil
Magic Card ImageDeclaration of Naught
Magic Card ImageDeglamer
Magic Card ImageDewdrop Spy
Magic Card ImageDisperse
Magic Card ImageDisperse - Foil
Magic Card ImageDistant Melody
Magic Card ImageDiviner's Wand
Magic Card ImageDoor of Destinies
Magic Card ImageEarthbrawn
Magic Card ImageEarthbrawn - Foil
Magic Card ImageEarwig Squad
Magic Card ImageElvish Warrior
Magic Card ImageElvish Warrior - Foil
Magic Card ImageEverbark Shaman
Magic Card ImageFencer Clique
Magic Card ImageFendeep Summoner
Magic Card ImageFendeep Summoner - Foil
Magic Card ImageFertilid
Magic Card ImageFestercreep
Magic Card ImageFeudkiller's Verdict
Magic Card ImageFeudkiller's Verdict - Foil
Magic Card ImageFinal-Sting Faerie
Magic Card ImageFire Juggler
Magic Card ImageFire Juggler - Foil
Magic Card ImageFloodchaser
Magic Card ImageForfend
Magic Card ImageForfend - Foil
Magic Card ImageFrogtosser Banneret
Magic Card ImageGame-Trail Changeling
Magic Card ImageGilt-Leaf Archdruid
Magic Card ImageGraceful Reprieve
Magic Card ImageGreatbow Doyen
Magic Card ImageGrimoire Thief
Magic Card ImageGrimoire Thief - Foil
Magic Card ImageHeritage Druid
Magic Card ImageHostile Realm
Magic Card ImageHostile Realm - Foil
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