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Mirrodin Magic The Gathering Cards

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Mirrodin was the 50th Magic: The Gathering set, the 30th expert level set, and the first set in the Mirrodin Block, released in October 2003. It is a 306-card expansion set. It is also the name of the block containing the Mirrodin, Darksteel and Fifth Dawn expansion sets. This expansion, as well as the rest of the block, is centered around artifacts and is only the second set to do so (from a card frequency point of view) since Antiquities. The percentage of artifact cards is much higher than in any preceding set. Mirrodin 's expansion symbol is a small image of Sword of Kaldra, a card from this set.

Mirrodin is notable for being the first expansion set to feature the new card front design (which debuted in 8th Edition). The high number of artifacts in Mirrodin highlighted the inherent flaw of the new border design - artifact cards, which were now bordered in a very light grey instead of brown, were very hard to distinguish from white cards. The problem prompted Wizards of the Coast to change the bordering background of artifact cards to a much darker grey in Fifth Dawn.

Below is the list of mechanics introduced by Mirrodin:

  • Affinity for artifacts - This keyword reduces the total cost of the spell by the number of artifacts in play under your control. This mechanic was extremely powerful and "Affinity" decks quickly monopolised Magic: The Gathering tournaments (see below), eventually resulting in sweeping bannings of the most powerful Affinity-related cards in an effort to revive the tournament scene.
  • Artifact lands - While artifact creatures were not a new story, Mirrodin introduced artifact lands. These were the great helpers to the previous mechanic, increasing the artifact count while still being considered lands.% 26nbsp;
  • Imprint - This keyword allows a player to "imprint" some card on the artifact (removing that card from the game). That artifact's effect depends on the card imprinted (for example you can imprint a creature on Soul Foundry and then activate it to reproduce copies of that creature).% 26nbsp;
  • Entwine - An ability on modal spells, which normally require a player to choose only one of multiple effects. By paying the Entwine cost, all of the effects occur.
  • Equipment - A new artifact subtype that denotes things which could be wielded or worn by creatures. Equipment functions like "Enchant Creature" cards of yesteryear (now called Auras) in that they provide some effect while attached to the creature. Unlike Auras, however, Equipment can only be attached to creatures you control in most cases, and can remain in play even if they aren't attached to anything. Like many mechanics from Mirrodin, Equipment have gone on to be a staple of Magic in general, being featured in future core sets and expansions.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAEther Spellbomb
Magic Card ImageAlpha Myr
Magic Card ImageAltar of Shadows
Magic Card ImageAltar's Light
Magic Card ImageAltar's Light - Foil
Magic Card ImageAncient Den
Magic Card ImageAnnul
Magic Card ImageArc-Slogger
Magic Card ImageArrest
Magic Card ImageArrest - Foil
Magic Card ImageAssert Authority
Magic Card ImageAtog
Magic Card ImageAuriok Bladewarden
Magic Card ImageAuriok Steelshaper
Magic Card ImageAuriok Transfixer
Magic Card ImageAwe Strike
Magic Card ImageBanshee's Blade
Magic Card ImageBarter in Blood
Magic Card ImageBattlegrowth
Magic Card ImageBetrayal of Flesh
Magic Card ImageBlinding Beam
Magic Card ImageBlinding Beam - Foil
Magic Card ImageBlinkmoth Urn
Magic Card ImageBlinkmoth Well
Magic Card ImageBloodscent
Magic Card ImageBloodscent - Foil
Magic Card ImageBonesplitter
Magic Card ImageBonesplitter - Foil
Magic Card ImageBosh, Iron Golem
Magic Card ImageBottle Gnomes
Magic Card ImageBroodstar
Magic Card ImageBrown Ouphe
Magic Card ImageCathodion
Magic Card ImageChalice of the Void
Magic Card ImageChimney Imp
Magic Card ImageChromatic Sphere
Magic Card ImageChrome Mox
Magic Card ImageClockwork Beetle
Magic Card ImageClockwork Beetle - Foil
Magic Card ImageClockwork Condor
Magic Card ImageClockwork Condor - Foil
Magic Card ImageClockwork Dragon
Magic Card ImageClockwork Vorrac
Magic Card ImageCloudpost
Magic Card ImageCobalt Golem
Magic Card ImageConfusion in the Ranks
Magic Card ImageConsume Spirit
Magic Card ImageContaminated Bond
Magic Card ImageContaminated Bond - Foil
Magic Card ImageCopper Myr
Magic Card ImageCopperhoof Vorrac
Magic Card ImageCreeping Mold
Magic Card ImageCrystal Shard
Magic Card ImageCulling Scales
Magic Card ImageDamping Matrix
Magic Card ImageDead-Iron Sledge
Magic Card ImageDeconstruct
Magic Card ImageDetonate
Magic Card ImageDetonate - Foil
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