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Lorwyn Magic The Gathering Cards

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Lorwyn is the 66th Magic: The Gathering set, 43rd expert level set, and the first set in the Lorwyn Block, released in October 2007. It is codenamed "Peanut". The pre-release events for this set were held on September 29 % 26amp; September 30, 2007.

The designers of the set were Aaron Forsythe (lead designer), Mark Rosewater, Paul Sottosanti, Brady Dommermuth, Nate Heiss, and Andrew Finch; the developers of the set were Devin Low (lead developer), Bill Rose, Matt Place, Henry Stern, Mike Turian, and Doug Beyer.

Lorwyn is set in a more traditional fantasy world, evoking traditional European fairy tales. The plane is a pastoral world inhabited by several major races: boggarts (goblins), faeries, elves, giants, treefolk, merfolk, elementals (including the flamekin) and kithkin.

Lorwyn saw the release of an entirely new card type, the Planeswalker. This marks the first time that Wizards has added a new card type to the current game, as Alpha introduced all current card types, other than the type "Tribal". A single tribal card, Bound in Silence, was printed as a timeshifted card in Future Sight.

The set has a tribal theme, focusing heavily on creature subtypes, revolving around eight primary creature types.Each of these appear in two or more colors, with as the primary color:
Creature type (Race) Tribe name Primary Color Secondary Color(s)

  • Goblins Boggarts Black Red
  • Elves Green Black% 26nbsp;
  • Merfolk Merrow Blue White% 26nbsp;
  • Kithkin White Green% 26nbsp;
  • Elementals Flamekin (in red)% 26nbsp;
  • Greater Elementals (in all five) Red All other colors% 26nbsp;
  • Faeries Fae Blue Black% 26nbsp;
  • Giants Red White% 26nbsp;
  • Treefolk Green Black and White
Another significant creature type is the shapeshifter type, all of which have the ability "changeling." Creatures with changeling have all creature types. This plays into the tribal mechanics which grant bonuses to creatures of certain types. Though these changelings counts as humans for the purposes of the rules, no humans are found in the world of Lorwyn, or are printed on the cards. This marks yet another fundamental change of the game, as this will be the first set to have no humans since their introduction as a creature subtype in Mirrodin. (Although humans had been in all sets since the beginning of the game, they did not have their own subtype until Mirrodin, instead only having subtypes based on their classes.) However, several of the planeswalkers, although they have no creature type, are physically humans.

The second set of the Lorwyn block is called Morningtide. A third set, codenamed "Jelly", was originally planned as part of Lorwyn block, but partway into the design of Lorwyn, that block was changed to a two-set block. Jelly was revealed as Shadowmoor, the first set of a second two-set block. The two blocks will be linked through synergy and will rotate through the official tournament formats as a single, four-expansion unit.

The Lorwyn block features a new keyword action known as clash. Clash involves two players revealing the top cards of the libraries. The person who reveals the card with the highest mana cost, wins the clash, and gets a bonus on the card played. Old keyword actions include attach, counter, regenerate, sacrifice, and tap, and are a fundamental part of the game.

The Tenth Edition Starter games include basic land cards printed in Lorwyn. Also, certain Tenth Edition booster packs feature art from Lorwyn on the back of a rules card or token card.

Five theme decks have been released as part of the set, one more than the standard four-per-expansion, which has been a long-time trend. The preconstructed theme decks are: "Kithkin Militia" (White), "Merrow Riverways" (White/Blue), "Boggarts' Feast" (Black/Red), "Elvish Predation" (Black/Green), and "Elementals' Path" (White/Blue/Black/Red/Green).

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAdder-Staff Boggart
Magic Card ImageAEthersnipe
Magic Card ImageAjani Goldmane
Magic Card ImageAmoeboid Changeling
Magic Card ImageAncient Amphitheater
Magic Card ImageAquitect's Will
Magic Card ImageArbiter of Knollridge
Magic Card ImageAshling the Pilgrim
Magic Card ImageAshling's Prerogative
Magic Card ImageAuntie's Hovel
Magic Card ImageAustere Command
Magic Card ImageAvian Changeling
Magic Card ImageAxegrinder Giant
Magic Card ImageBattle Mastery
Magic Card ImageBattlewand Oak
Magic Card ImageBenthicore
Magic Card ImageBlack Poplar Shaman
Magic Card ImageBlades of Velis Vel
Magic Card ImageBlind-Spot Giant
Magic Card ImageBog Hoodlums
Magic Card ImageBog-Strider Ash
Magic Card ImageBoggart Birth Rite
Magic Card ImageBoggart Forager
Magic Card ImageBoggart Harbinger
Magic Card ImageBoggart Loggers
Magic Card ImageBoggart Mob
Magic Card ImageBoggart Shenanigans
Magic Card ImageBoggart Sprite-Chaser
Magic Card ImageBriarhorn
Magic Card ImageBrigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
Magic Card ImageBrion Stoutarm
Magic Card ImageBroken Ambitions
Magic Card ImageBurrenton Forge-Tender
Magic Card ImageCairn Wanderer
Magic Card ImageCaptivating Glance
Magic Card ImageCaterwauling Boggart
Magic Card ImageCeaseless Searblades
Magic Card ImageCenn's Heir
Magic Card ImageChandra Nalaar
Magic Card ImageChangeling Berserker
Magic Card ImageChangeling Hero
Magic Card ImageChangeling Titan
Magic Card ImageCloudcrown Oak
Magic Card ImageCloudgoat Ranger
Magic Card ImageCloudthresher
Magic Card ImageColfenor's Plans
Magic Card ImageColfenor's Urn
Magic Card ImageConsuming Bonfire
Magic Card ImageCrib Swap
Magic Card ImageCrush Underfoot
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