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Legions Magic The Gathering Cards

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Legions is the second set in the Onslaught block of cards of Magic: The Gathering, along with the expansions Onslaught and Scourge. It contained 145 cards which continued on the themes started in Onslaught. Its expansion symbol is two spears behind a shield.

Legions is the first and only expansion in Magic to be 100% creature cards. This was done to help amplify the creature-based mechanics of the block. While there were quality cards, Limited play could become stale. The set also features the return of the fan favorite creature type, the Slivers.

The following mechanics first appeared in Legions:

  • Amplify - As a creature with Amplify came into play, its controller could reveal creature cards from their hand that shared a type with it to add % 2B1/% 2B1 counters. Creatures with Amplify were generally costly.
  • Provoke - Based on a card from Stronghold, when a creature with provoke attacked, it could untap an opponent's creature and force that creature to block it.% 26nbsp;
  • Double Strike - A mechanic suggested by a fan during the Magic Website's You Make the Card Promo and was officially turned into a mechanic. A creature with Double Strike would deal both First Strike and regular combat damage.% 26nbsp;
  • Morph Triggered Abilities - Some creatures had an ability that would trigger upon turning face up.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAkroma's Devoted
Magic Card ImageAkroma, Angel of Wrath
Magic Card ImageAphetto Exterminator
Magic Card ImageAven Envoy
Magic Card ImageAven Envoy - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Redeemer
Magic Card ImageAven Redeemer - Foil
Magic Card ImageAven Warhawk
Magic Card ImageBane of the Living
Magic Card ImageBeacon of Destiny
Magic Card ImageBerserk Murlodont
Magic Card ImageBlade Sliver
Magic Card ImageBlood Celebrant
Magic Card ImageBloodstoke Howler
Magic Card ImageBloodstoke Howler - Foil
Magic Card ImageBranchsnap Lorian
Magic Card ImageBrontotherium
Magic Card ImageBrood Sliver
Magic Card ImageCaller of the Claw
Magic Card ImageCanopy Crawler
Magic Card ImageCelestial Gatekeeper
Magic Card ImageCephalid Pathmage
Magic Card ImageChromeshell Crab
Magic Card ImageClickslither
Magic Card ImageCloudreach Cavalry
Magic Card ImageCorpse Harvester
Magic Card ImageCovert Operative
Magic Card ImageCrested Craghorn
Magic Card ImageCrookclaw Elder
Magic Card ImageCrypt Sliver
Magic Card ImageDark Supplicant
Magic Card ImageDaru Mender
Magic Card ImageDaru Mender - Foil
Magic Card ImageDaru Sanctifier
Magic Card ImageDaru Sanctifier - Foil
Magic Card ImageDaru Stinger
Magic Card ImageDeathmark Prelate
Magic Card ImageDeathmark Prelate - Foil
Magic Card ImageDefender of the Order
Magic Card ImageDefiant Elf
Magic Card ImageDeftblade Elite
Magic Card ImageDermoplasm
Magic Card ImageDreamborn Muse
Magic Card ImageDrinker of Sorrow
Magic Card ImageDrinker of Sorrow - Foil
Magic Card ImageDripping Dead
Magic Card ImageEarthblighter
Magic Card ImageEcho Tracer
Magic Card ImageElvish Soultiller
Magic Card ImageEmbalmed Brawler
Magic Card ImageEnormous Baloth
Magic Card ImageEssence Sliver
Magic Card ImageFeral Throwback
Magic Card ImageFeral Throwback - Foil
Magic Card ImageFlamewave Invoker
Magic Card ImageFlamewave Invoker - Foil
Magic Card ImageFrenetic Raptor
Magic Card ImageFugitive Wizard
Magic Card ImageGempalm Avenger
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