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Legends Magic The Gathering Cards

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Legends was the seventh Magic: The Gathering set and the third expert level set, released in June 1994. It was the first expansion set to be sold in packs of 15 (previous expansions had been sold in packs of 8). The set, like Antiquities, was created by the group of students at the University of Pennsylvania that had helped Richard Garfield design the original game. The expansion symbol for Legends was the capital of a column.

There was one notable printing error with Legends: Each booster box contained only half of the uncommon cards in the set. This along with the limited number of cards available made collecting the entire 310-card set very difficult.

Legends is the oldest expansion to have been printed in a foreign language; the Italian Leggende was released in 1995, shortly after L'Oscurita (Italian The Dark). These two expansions were released in the opposite order in their original English printings.

Legends was the last mainstream set printed to have any card in it sell for over $100 USD on the secondary market. Many cards prior to Legends in Alpha and Beta retail for over $100 due to their extreme rarity. Obviously all the Power Nine as printed in Unlimited fall under this category, however the Unlimited dual lands drop in price considerably as compared to their black bordered originals. Arabian Nights had power cards like Library of Alexandria, Bazaar of Bagdad, and Juzam Djinn. Antiquities had Mishra's Workshop, a staple of certain types of Vintage decks. The next two expansions, The Dark and Fallen Empires, are significantly underpowered and underpriced compared to Legends. Few cards since the printing of Legends sell for over $25 USD on the open market when the set is released to print except for the occasional foil rare.

Recently with the Limited printing of Starter Level sets Starter and Portal Three Kingdoms some cards go for over $100.00 due to the limited printing and promotion of these sets.

Legends introduce several important mechanics to the game and each pack of cards contained a rules card explaining the new mechanics and keywords.

  • Legendary - The Legendary play mechanic, known as the "Legends Rule" was introduced in this set. Legends are powerful creatures that only one copy of which can be in play at a time. Legends provided both Legendary Creatures and Legendary Lands, while Legendary Enchantments would not arise until Champions of Kamigawa.
  • Enchant World - Enchantments that enchanted the entire "world." These enchantments would have an effect that affected all players at the same time and were limited to only one in play at a time.% 26nbsp;
  • Multicolor - Legends was the first set to feature cards that required more than one color of mana to play. These cards were distinguished by a gold background and have become much more commonplace.% 26nbsp;
  • Rampage - An ability that took effect whenever said creature became blocked by more than one creature. Creatures with Rampage would get a bonus to their power toughness for each creature blocking it beyond the first.
  • Banding - A very complex game mechanic that was eventually dropped from the game after Weatherlight, Legends further complicated matters by creating creatures that banded only with creatures of a certain type. In essence, banding allowed multiple creatures to attack as a single unit, allowing the attacking to decide how damage was distributed to his or her creatures, if the defending player blocked. Legends is the only set to feature the "bands with other" mechanic, with the exception of the Unhinged card Old Fogey.

* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Magic Card ImageAbomination
Magic Card ImageAcid Rain
Magic Card ImageActive Volcano
Magic Card ImageAdun Oakenshield
Magic Card ImageAdventurers' Guildhouse
Magic Card ImageAErathi Berserker
Magic Card ImageAisling Leprechaun
Magic Card ImageAkron Legionnaire
Magic Card ImageAl-abara's Carpet
Magic Card ImageAlabaster Potion
Magic Card ImageAlchor's Tomb
Magic Card ImageAll Hallow's Eve
Magic Card ImageAmrou Kithkin
Magic Card ImageAngelic Voices
Magic Card ImageAngus Mackenzie
Magic Card ImageAnti-Magic Aura
Magic Card ImageArboria
Magic Card ImageArcades Sabboth
Magic Card ImageArena of the Ancients
Magic Card ImageAvoid Fate
Magic Card ImageAxelrod Gunnarson
Magic Card ImageAyesha Tanaka
Magic Card ImageAzure Drake
Magic Card ImageBackdraft
Magic Card ImageBackfire
Magic Card ImageBarbary Apes
Magic Card ImageBarktooth Warbeard
Magic Card ImageBartel Runeaxe
Magic Card ImageBeasts of Bogardan
Magic Card ImageBlack Mana Battery
Magic Card ImageBlazing Effigy
Magic Card ImageBlight
Magic Card ImageBlood Lust
Magic Card ImageBlue Mana Battery
Magic Card ImageBoomerang
Magic Card ImageBoris Devilboon
Magic Card ImageBrine Hag
Magic Card ImageBronze Horse
Magic Card ImageCarrion Ants
Magic Card ImageCat Warriors
Magic Card ImageCathedral of Serra
Magic Card ImageCaverns of Despair
Magic Card ImageChain Lightning
Magic Card ImageChains of Mephistopheles
Magic Card ImageChromium
Magic Card ImageCleanse
Magic Card ImageClergy of the Holy Nimbus
Magic Card ImageCocoon
Magic Card ImageConcordant Crossroads
Magic Card ImageCosmic Horror
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